Athlete’s Choice: Top Brands Student Athletes Prefer

Sporting gear varies from apparel, and material which can be used to compete in sports or workout in general. Sporting gear is a very important part of every athlete’s accessories especially if they are trying to perform at their best. Today’s sporting gear comes in a wide selection of brands, colors, and effectiveness. Many people think that sporting gear is not important and that any brand can be used, but this is not true.

Thomas Edison High School student, Adina Mbonu, who is on the school track team says the brand does not matter when it comes to clothes. Many brands may have the same material clothes and it is sold for a cheaper and better price. She believes that as long as the fabric is breathable and stretchy then the effectiveness will be the same. Mbonu said that a reasonable price for athletic sneakers ranges from $50-$200, depending on whether the shoe includes spikes. To her the quality of the show is very crucial to get the best performance and the purchase of cheap sneakers can be dangerous for athletes, leading to injury. 

When looking for sneakers Mbonu recommends the brands Nike or New Balance. “New balance might be the best option for beginners. They seem comfier and give you the support you need,” Mbonu said. Specifically for track footwear Mbonu recommends Brooks, “they sink into rubber better and lessens your reaction time with the ground. They definitely produce better results.”

Athletics teacher Mr. Craan gave insight on the best types of athletic wear. Mr. Craan said his favorite athletic shoes to wear are Adidas, because they are comfortable and effective. For performance Mr. Craan suggests shorts and a cut up T-shirt so that you don’t perspire so much. He also says the brand of the athletic wear does not matter to him as long as the material has cool climate control in order to keep your muscles from being tight. He says a reasonable price for shorts are $15-$50, and shirts $15-$60. 

Athletic gear is very important and helps to prevent injuries to the body, produce your best athletic performance and protects you from environmental elements on your body. When shopping for athletic gear I think you should look for something that best fits you and is a reasonable price. Always look for reviews about the material and gear so that you can get the most effectiveness out of your purchase. 

Shandon Foster

My name is Shandon Foster from Queens, New York. I am a 17 year old prodigy in the 12th grade ready to go into the world and make the biggest impact that I can. I am an athlete who has played a wide variety of sports, like basketball and football, and loves to talk about sports related topics and issues. I love to hang out with friends and listen to music. I have a hidden passion for photography and I wish to dive deeper into this in the future.