What Effect Will Amazon’s New Headquarters Have on New York City?

Long Island City is the melting pot of all types of people from different backgrounds. It’s a city filled with a rich history, culture, art and a growing community. So it’s no surprise that Amazon recently chose Long Island City, Queens as the location for its secondary headquarters. Amazon’s arrival may change our city forever economically, socially, and technologically.

Many New Yorkers are upset about the decision because of how much more crowded Queens will get and how the tax breaks could have been used to help solve other community problems. Alternatively, many other New Yorkers are happy because there will over thousands of job opportunities and the company may bring very competitive economic development.

Long Island City is a "melting pot" for people from all over the world. Photo Credits: Michelle Edmonds

Long Island City is a “melting pot” for people from all over the world.
Photo Credits: Michelle Edmonds

As a response to all the comments the move has brought up, New York Deputy Mayor, Alicia Glen, said “I can guarantee you five years from now all New Yorkers will be thanking us for having brought them.”

Angelie Ragnauth, a student at Edison, said, “Amazon picking Queens for the new headquarters would definitely attract new people with interests in technology to Long Island City but it would also create problems for surrounding businesses.”

Construction for the new Amazon headquarters will begin in January 2019 and it will probably be done by 2030. Only time will tell how much New York City will really change as an effect of Amazon’s arrival.

Parsha Zaman

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