Symbiotic Robotics

A future that lies in a topology mapped through code and embedded in the cortex of robots is one that awaits our generation and the ones of the future.

Throughout the years, technology has moved from basic desktop, to handheld devices, and now to technology with the ability to move on its own through programming. With the fast moving advancements ahead of the world, there is no wonder that there will be drastic changes.

According to Anil Parbhudial, a judge at this year’s Mobile Robotics SkillsUSA Competition, “robots are basically going to replace everything we use. Robots are going to emerge as more of an aid to us, found in technology like our cell phones, cars, and possibly home systems. Then it will start to incorporate itself into everything else, most likely to make any task easier and faster.”

The Vex Robotics team's work on the internal components of their creation.

The Vex Robotics team’s work on the internal components of their creation.

Technology and robots are rapidly being implemented within daily objects to transform them. Nearly every manufacturing company, especially chain companies, currently uses robotics in order to mass produce items effectively and efficiently.

Some fast food chains such as McDonald allow customers to order through an automated system. However, it is only a system available in a select few branches for the time being. Meanwhile other companies are increasingly looking into the idea due to the demand for a higher minimum wage. In addition, smart homes are being created, allowing you to control your home remotely. While these technological advances have provided much aid, thousands of jobs worldwide have already been affected by the increase in them and their capabilities; fields relating to technology have experienced a gradual increase as technicians and engineers are needed.

Parbhudial also said, “jobs focusing on the development, manufacturing, and repairing of technological devices…as well as economics behind new technology, such as marketing, sales, advertising, etc.,” will be created in the process.

As leaders of the future generation it is highly important that young adults, teens, and even children are kept up to date with technological advancements as they are beginning to take over daily life.

It also gives those looking into future career paths an idea of where to look for a booming career choice and major, which is a constant question faced by many high schoolers. Who knows, maybe your future instructor, co-worker, or boss, may be a robot.

Nila Singh

Hi, my name is Nila Singh but most refer to me as Davie. Throughout my 4 years in high school I have been enrolled in Cisco Computer Networking. I love exploring, reading, art, and of course technology. I hope to one day be a video game designer so that I can make stories come to life.