The NBA Playoffs Are Here!

The NBA playoffs are finally here. In the Eastern Conference, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Toronto Raptors have clinched the division. The Philadelphia 76ers, the Boston Celtics, the Indiana Pacers, the Brooklyn Nets, the Orlando Magic, and the Detroit Pistons have clinched a playoff position. In the Western Conference, the Golden State Warriors clinched the division. The Denver Nuggets, the Houston Rockets, the Portland Trail Blazers, the Utah Jazz, the Los Angeles Clippers, the San Antonio Spurs, and the Oklahoma Thunder have all clinched playoff division.

So, the entire playoff bracket is now set and we are awaiting this weekend to let the real fun begin. This particular matching in this year’s playoffs will be a little different. For one, Lebron James is not going to be taking part in the fun. All the while, the Houston Rockets and the Toronto Raptors have been improving, so good that they have the power and ability to maybe finally take down the Golden State Warriors.

The NBA playoffs are finally here! First games begin this weekend!

The NBA playoffs are finally here! First games begin this weekend!

The playoff season is going to begin this weekend, many fans are speculating which team is able to win it all and which players will get those special awards. Jonathan Mui, who is an all-time NBA viewer believes that “The last two teams who will be fighting it out at the top will be the Warriors and Bucks. The team that will win it all will once again be the Warriors. The most valuable player would be James Harden. As for defensive player of the year, it would be Joel Embiid.”

This year’s NBA playoff is going to be quite different and unique as it is no longer going to be the Cleveland Cavaliers versus the Golden State Warriors. In addition, now we have more teams that could match the power and skill level of the Warriors that could lead to their ultimate demise. Putting all predictions aside, all that we can do now is wait. Only time can tell which team would be able to prevail against the long, gruesome journey to the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy.

Rayan Brijlall

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