The Benefits of Taking A Shop Class

High school students are often unsure and confused on what they would like to become or major in, however, having a shop class can give you clarity on what interests you and what does not. As a student in a career and technical school you are given a great opportunity to delve into a subject that can potentially be your future career.  

“Shop classes are very specific to interests. For instance, here at Edison we have twelve different programs. Depending on your interests you can focus on that particular area and then be ready for the current workforce as you graduate,” said  Mr. Kalloo, Cisco networking teacher.

The daily coursework included in the Cisco Networking shop. Photo Credit: Anisa Rashid

The daily coursework included in the Cisco Networking shop.
Photo Credit: Anisa Rashid

Nevertheless, when you move on to college and you are asked to pick a major. It is important that you can see yourself prosper in this field. During your shop class you are given a great opportunity to become exposed to the material in which this field covers. Exposure to the material in this field can give you a gist of how well you would do in this field and if it interests you.

“After graduation if you wish to pursue that career, industries look for people who hold the certification you receive at Edison. Thus, if you hold that certification the probability of you getting the job over someone who doesn’t is much higher,” said Mr. Kalloo.

At the end of the year, many students take a certification exam. The certification you receive may vary depending on the shop you are in. These certifications are held in high regard to many employers and gives you an advantage over students who are not certified and shows that you thoroughly understand this subject.

“The shops here at Edison are very rigorous, we integrate both college and career readiness. There are many post secondary partners that review our curriculum to ensure that they are up to the college standards. We also have articulation agreements, which allow students to receive college credits just for being in the class,” said Mr. Kalloo.

Being a high school student who will soon go to college, shop classes are very helpful in preparing you for college. The course work and the fact that you have to stay in a class for longer than 45 minutes allows you to gain insight on what life in college is like.

Taking a shop class opens several doors for you and it prepares you for the future. Your shop can help you prepare for college and even get a job right out of high school. Nonetheless, the benefits to taking a shop class are endless.


Anisa Rashid

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