The TAEHS dress code gives guidelines for what types of attire are and are not permissible to be worn within the building. Edison’s dress code is causing quite a stir amongst the student body. Some females find the dress code to be too harsh and discriminatory towards female students and more lenient towards males. Some find the dress code to be fair and take no issue with it. 

Senior Tasawar Saraf agrees with the dress code. Saraf said , “I agree that we should have a dress code. I would actually prefer a uniform as I hate looking for clothes.” As a male, Saraf agreed that the dress code can sometimes be too harsh to the female students but overall believes that we should have a dress code and having a uniform would make getting ready for school a lot easier for many students, especially those who can not afford the nicer clothes that their peers wear. 


I conducted two separate surveys to determine the majority opinion on the TAEHS dress code. When asked if the dress code is discriminatory towards female students, 12 out of 20 said “Yes” with 8 of the 12 being female. When asked if Edison has a fair dress code, only 7 out of 20 said yes with 4 of the 7 being male and only 3 being female. Statistically speaking, 60% of students find the dress code to be unfair while only 35% find it to be unfair. 

It can be inferred that the dress code at TAEHS has received a lukewarm reception from the students it applies to. The numbers speak the facts: Females tend to find the dress code unfair while males tend to be more indifferent to the dress code and even agree with Edison having one.

Cyrah Thomas

My name is Cyrah. I am in the A+ Computer Repair program as well as MOUSE Squad and the National Technical Honor Society. I love computers and technology, and after I get my IT Fundamentals and A+ Computer Repair CompTIA certifications, I intend to further study computer science and engineering in college while also maintaining a job as an IT Technician part-time at the entry-level. As I continue to learn more in the IT field, I hope to be able to share the knowledge I gain with others and helping them learn more about the field as well.