Stressed Out

Contrary to popular belief high school freshmen are constantly stressed out and there are many factors that contribute to it.

According to research the three main causes of freshman year stress is performance anxiety, workload, and social standards. Many freshmen who are doing very well handling their workload struggle to maintain a social life. Those who have extended social life suffer from an extensive workload. Many students also face pressure from family perform extensively well because “collages will look at it.”

There are programs in place in many schools, such as our Peer Group Connection. PGC is a student-based organization where seniors talk to the freshmen for a period to ensure their transition from middle school to high school is seamless. They do a different activity each week, such as the ice-breaking activity. This extends trust and gets them to open up more.

However, not all freshmen get PGC due to their schedule being filled already.

This program’s benefits are very limited according to Jordan Wilson a current freshman. Wilson said,  “it’s cool and all, but I don’t really talk a lot there because I don’t really know the people.” He relies on his family greatly, talking to them works as his stress relief. 

Freshman Nowshine Amrinkarim revealed that social anxiety is a big cause of stress. She disclosed how there seems to be a general joke going around about being a freshman from the upperclassmen. “I haven’t gotten made fun of directly but I hear them talking about freshmen and giving looks.” Workload is another issue in her life, “I been getting tests every two weeks and it’s just tested after test nonstop.” Her cultural background also contributes to the pressure, as her parents expect honor roll in every class. She does have ways to de-stress. “I listen to music and play with my little brother and it calms me down” she said. 

Starting a new school year can be very stressful. Add to it a new school and unknown people where you are among the youngest group and you get freshman year of high school.

There are many ways to de-stress, for example, change the environment that is stressing you out. Do something pleasurable or relaxing for a little while, such as reading, watching TV, or taking a shower, Practice breathing exercises or Meditate. Pray, it can be digital games or physical sports. Do relaxation exercises like going for a walk or run. Depending on the person these stress relievers have shown great results. 

Rukiya Tasnim

Hello, my name is Rukiya Tasnim. I am currently a senior. Some of my hobbies are exploring new places and trying new food.