Should Homework Be Given To Students?

After a long day in school, students usually take up all their energy and need more energy to do other assignments they are asked to do. Typically homework students usually learn lessons in class and are assigned homework. However, taking classes and doing exams can cause a lot of stress for students.

If homework is assigned frequently every day it is an overload of work for the student’s mind. Students may have internships, extracurriculars, and clubs they have after school. Students have to get home which can also take time. In my opinion, homework shouldn’t be given to students.

Caption: This picture by Ethan Golish shows how stressful overload of homework can be since students can be doing a lot of other things. Also how overwhelming homework can be for students

Having homework daily can cause stress for students. Students have so many things they need to do in school, and outside of school which can be time-consuming. Abhishek Shanmugam a senior who is in the Medical Assisting shop expresses his feelings by sharing, 

“ I am not against homework but at the same time homework puts an intense amount of stress,” said senior Abhishek Shanmugam. 

This shows that he expresses the amount of stress homework can be placed upon a student. Having homework daily can be a lot of work for students and can be stressful. Since there are a lot of duties students have to do.

“ Some students have different duties they might have to finish outside of school and some simply just need a break from exhaustion,” said senior Abhishek Shanmugam. 

Humans follow the circadian rhythm following physical, mental, and behavioral changes that we go through in a 24-hour cycle.  Typically students have to go to school and do anything outside of school such as volunteering, work, and extracurricular activities. Following that, students have to get home by transportation and then take care of their health by going to the gym or resting at home.

Imtiaz Chowdhury a senior in IT Networking has shared his opinion about his lack of sleep due to homework. 

“It’s hard maintaining life balance with homework, especially for a student who takes rigorous courses. That takes up about 15 hours or more of my day and I’m not a perfect being which leads me to sleeping badly. Homework induces stress and makes sleep harder for me,” said senior Imtiaz Chowdhury. 

This explains that having a life by balancing homework can be hard for a student and students are involved in many other things that they need to be part of. Furthermore, he emphasized his point on other things outside of school he has to do. 

“Out of the 24 hours in a day 2 hours of transportation, 7 hours of school, occasionally 2 hours of college now, 3 hours of homework, 1 hour of studying for certs and extracurriculars like competitions and passions. Leaves barely any time for sleep and self-care,” said senior Imitaz Chowdhury. 

Dahshur Utley a student in IT Cyber Security states what other alternative can be used instead of homework he says “ I think homework should be replaced with actual content that could help you study.” 

This shows that instead of homework there should be content students can engage him that can help them study for any exams and doesn’t make it boring, or time-consuming for the student. Similarly, he also mentioned how homework has affected him.

“ Uhhh Homework does make me a bit stressed because I have to take schoolwork home. My primary issue with homework is that it doesn’t help me learn a subject better it’s just work that takes up time,” said senior Dahshur Utley. 

After hearing how students feel about homework, in my opinion, homework shouldn’t be given daily, and it shows that students have other activities to do in and outside of school including transportation which gives them limited time to do homework and can also affect their daily intake of sleep. 

Israfil Alsafa

Hello my name is Israfil Alsafa and I am a journalist writing for the technology section for the Edison Light. I am a senior enrolled in the Electrical Installation Program. I love helping others and being disciplined, honest, and hardworking. Technologies really interest me in how the world is growing substantially with vital tech, and as a senior who wants to become a future health leader as a nurse. I feel that tech is needed for the world in many careers.