Should Gypsy Rose Blanchard Be Released?

Gypsy Rose Blanchard was granted parole and scheduled for an early release on December 28th, 2023. Blanchard was a victim of long-term abuse at her mother “Dee Dee” Blanchard’s hands. 

Blanchard pleaded guilty to her role in her mother’s murder and served seven years behind bars. Her sudden release renewed the discussion on her case, leading many individuals to have mixed feelings about Blanchard’s past situation with her mother. Leaving many to wonder whether it was right for Gypsy Rose Blanchard to murder her. 

“I would never say murder is okay, but I think it’s justifiable because of all the trauma she has been through, all the manipulation, and how her mom treated her,” Rezeea, Alam, senior, said. “So I don’t justify murder but it is understandable to an extent to me.”

Faiza, Roushon, senior, said that in Blanchard’s case, people quickly draw conclusions before trying to understand the extent of her trauma. 

“I believe murder is wrong and it wasn’t right for her to do it, but I think she was in a very difficult situation,” Roushon said. “Gypsy Rose Blanchard thought that was the only way for her to escape her mom’s manipulation tactics and since she and her boyfriend were special needs they were both kinda scared about what they have to do.” 

Faiza Roushon also said in cases similar to Blanchard’s, the victim is often being exploited and that our justice system should use Blanchard’s case as an example of extreme abuse and consider it for future cases.  

“I think they should because if there are people who are under the influence of wrongdoers especially in the family,”  Roushon said,  “As you see in Blanchard’s case, her mother takes advantage of her for financial stability.” 

Now that Gypsy Rose Blanchard has been released, many are in strong support of her new-found freedom. Rezeea Alam said that she is strongly against murder, but Blanchard was in a unique situation and proved that she deserved an early release. 

“I think it’s fine that she’s being released early because she served most of her time already and what she did was kind of understandable,” Alam said.

Sara Abdullah

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