Online School, Helpful or Hurtful?

Online schooling has become the new norm for students across the country as a response to COVID however, there are very different beliefs, ideas, and perspectives on this topic.

After the first major wave of COVID-19 caused the U.S. to enter it’s first ordered quarantine, parents began to wonder how school would commence post-lockdown. Schooling proceeded in a drastically different manner. The creation of virtual classes and remote learning was the result and is what students currently do today as an alternative to in-person classes. Students’ reactions to online school differ from student to student.

Middle schooler Isabella Singh claims “Online classes are better because I usually spend 8 hours in the classroom, while during online school, I spend 5 hours.” Less school time is a big pro for online classes because it allows more time for students to do things other than classes and homework. 

When asked how much time they spend doing remote learning, high school student Karina Ragoonath responded “I spend time on remote learning from 8:30-2:40. It’s unbearable. All those long unbearable hours.”  Online school definitely has the same effects of stress that in-person school gives to students. There are issues that come along with online learning whether it be the fault of technology, students, or teachers. Many students feel that teachers must become more understanding of what is being asked of students. 

Sarah Singh, who is a college student, states “I don’t think that professors, the university or teachers at large are being realistic about what their students are capable of doing at this time.” With the number of hours spent staring at their screens for classes students are also expected to complete homework on top of that. To many students, it’s hard to do things such as logging onto classes every morning let alone doing homework due to not having the right tools to carry out their responsibilities. 

Sometimes students need to just step back and fully assess their situation. Plus are students gaining anything from sitting in front of the computer all day? Karina said, “ It’s not effective, it just feels like passing time.” To her and other students, school as of recently has just been a way to pass time and get through the day. School is not as efficient or effective as it was in person due to the lack of connection and interaction between students/educators. 

Will school ever go back to normal? And was that normal accessible to students to begin with? Some speculate that schools should reopen within the coming months for NYC students however, this could lead to a major outbreak of COVID yet again.

Schools need to strengthen their online learning and do what they can to help students become interested, invested, and focused on their education. Some students prefer it and some don’t but one commonality between the two groups is that they are thankful for not having to travel to the bus or train stop on a cold wintery morning. Teachers and professors must also do their part in helping students but it is a two-way street.

Matthew Gafur

My name is Matthew Gafur is an author/journalist for Edison Light. The topcis I mainly cover are current events and trending news being talked about in the current media. I enjoys writing about important events that are useful for public knowledge such as updates about COVID-19, the recent presidential election, changes taking place within communities. I believe it is important for journalists and other news media to provide accurate and understandable information to the public. It is important to me that this information is easily accessible in order for everyone to be up to date with what is happening in the world. Other areas of writing that I enjoys include poetry which has landed me multiple publications in poetry anthologies.