New Year, Same Me?

A fresh start seems to give everyone a sense of a new lifestyle, a changed behavior or trait. This can seem as an important way to successfully accomplish your goals. A majority of people start off their year with a list of goals to accomplish, however not many people put in the effort to do get to achieve their goal. It seems as if people don’t feel the need to put in the work, but rather immediately get to their goal.

So, why is it that it’s important to maintain a New Year’s goal? “I think it’s important to maintain New Years goals/resolutions because you should always have something in mind that you want to accomplish. With the new year you get a fresh start and look forward to bigger and better things,” says Senior Tosin Rahman.

The idea of accomplishing your goal, will keep everyone motivated to accomplish it, but not put in the work to do it. To some it may seem like a hassle to start something new. It’s proven that a habit can be picked up in the matter of 21 days, so if someone is planning on breaking a habit, it can be much harder.

“People may start the year off going strong with their goals but often fall apart. They go back to their old habits or stress brings them down,”says Tosin Rahman.

Just because lack of motivation or dedication into your goals, makes it seem impossible to accomplish them doesn’t mean it can’t be achieved. Has anyone ever achieved a long-time goal? “Yes, I have. I joined the baseball team freshman year but I didn’t play at all. The older guys got to play and showed me why I needed to improve my game. I worked harder and harder every year to become captain my senior year with the help of my coach and teammates,” says Tosin Rahman as he continues to share some tips, “My advice to achieve goals would be to once you start the journey, never look back. Focus on your main goal and have strategies which will help you get there. Always remember that you’re getting closer to your goal every day and you will reach the finish line very soon.”

Many people lack the motivation it takes to get them to their goal. Some tips would be to start off small. Don’t go for long-term goals, when it can take longer. Start off with smaller goals, which can potentially lead you up to your long term goal.

Another tip would be don’t stress yourself out. If you’re someone who wants to lose weight, don’t put so much onto yourself that you may not be able to handle. It’ll get you stressed out and you’ll lose the point in continuing, as you might think you’re not capable enough of doing so. With this being said, you should take breaks! Breaks are just as important as being productive with your goals. Depending on your goal, you should take an hour to day breaks, so you don’t burn yourself out.

Goals help maintain an individual seek for a good future and a good start for someone who wants to better themselves. It’s important to stay positive and not let others weaken your capability of doing what you want.  

Alejandra Santizo

Hi, my name is Alejandra and I’m a part of the Arts and Entertainment section. I enjoy listening to any type of music and with this section I’m able to fill everyone in on the latest movies and TV shows.