Is the Cost of Senior Dues Too High?

Recently, many students and parents have raised concerns regarding the costs of the seniors’ dues. The total cost of senior dues is $300 with the graduation ceremony, but $235 without. The costs almost seem absurd due to how a graduation ceremony depends on someone’s financial status. The deadline to pay the fall installment was on January 19th, 2024 and the spring installment is on June 7th, 2024.

Senior dues cover the costs of renting a facility for the graduation ceremony, graduation cap, gown, diploma, yearbook, senior barbecue and other senior items like T-shirts. This year, Mr. Boxer, who is the assistant principal and in charge of the Student Council Association, helps to ensure that all dues are paid. The senior dues have gone up in prices compared to last year’s price, $250. 

“Everything else went up in price. The senior items that we purchase, the vendors and the facility who charge us more money. Not to mention, senior dues have not gone up in price in nine years,” Mr. Boxer said. 

There are a few seniors who have not paid their dues because of how expensive it is for them. Some of the seniors proposed the idea of paying it per year, starting from freshman year. This would be a much better idea as it would not pile up on them by senior year. Mr. Boxer announced that for seniors who may be struggling financially, there would be fundraising options available at the school store. 

“I think the fundraising opportunity is a good idea but I don’t think it’s very efficient because it may take a long time to raise all the money as it’s a really big amount,” senior Sharfa Hassan said. 

On the other hand, there are seniors who have paid the senior dues yet are dissatisfied with what the dues cover. Many would choose to not pay for the senior barbecue and would prefer if there was a cheaper option. 

“People paid the senior dues already. Where is my senior hoodie? Where is the T-shirt? I want to wear it to school. There is no point in waiting until after graduation to wear it,” senior Karandeep Singh said.

On top of the prices of the dues, there are several complaints on the costs of the senior trip and prom tickets. The prom tickets have gone up to $150 per person and $175 for anyone who is not from the school but is attending. Some students were disappointed upon finding out that the senior trip would be only for one night even though they would be paying $320. 

“I was hoping there would be a bonfire instead of having a DJ party or dance. We already had a few this year, I would have loved to try something new for my senior trip,” senior Sharfa Hassan said. 

The school’s website usually contains more information on senior dues and other matters which concern the seniors. However, it has not been updated since last year. This creates confusion among students and parents and it may lead to misinformation.

“The school website has been switching from one website to another. It’s possible that information has not been switched to the other website,” Hassan said.

Nowroz Smita Nowmi

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