Is Prom Really Worth It?

Prom is a really big tradition for the American culture. It is a fun night where you can hang out with your friends and forget about school. Most students look forward to prom, mostly because of the fashion/dresses. It’s like the Oscars for high school kids! However, prom can become stressful sometimes.

Prom night should be an soul changing experience, a night not be missed, but is it really worth all the fuss? The anxiety and thought about who to go with, how to ask, what to wear, and how much to spend are just a few factors that can really stress someone out.

“Prom is worth it because you get to dress up for a day take your date to dinner then dance and chill for the rest of the night. It can be a lot of fun because you get to be with your friends the entire time as well. Also you are creating memories with your friends and this is an experience that you will remember the rest of your life,” said Anika Pohani, a senior at Thomas Edison High School.

“I’ve never been to prom, but it honestly doesn’t seem like it’s worth it because of the overpriced tickets. Also is not worth it to me because as a girl you spend a lot of money for just one night of fame basically and you more than likely will never wear the dress or shoes again,” said Harpreet Kaur, another  senior at Thomas Edison High School.

Prom is a once and a lifetime event to celebrate the end of your struggles and hard times that you’ve had to face throughout your high school experience. It is a good chance to have fun with all of  your friends before you all graduate and get separated because everyone is going to different colleges. However, students can choose to save all that money, so they can later use for their college expenses. Even though it can get a little pricey, prom will be worth it because it is a once in a life time experience.

Samreen Kaur

Hi my name is Samreen Kaur and I’m a senior at Thomas A Edison High School. I chose to write for this section because having an opinion is really important for me. It enables me to express my enthusiasm, determination, and knowledge.