Healthy or Bizarre

A recent trend has been going around social media that has been making everyone question if this is healthy or bizarre? This trend happens to be drinking chlorophyll. Skepticism arises as we all know that chlorophyll is simply the green pigment in plants yet on platforms like instagram, twitter, tiktok and facebook many people have been drinking chlorophyll drops mixed in water for what they claim makes your skin better and digestive system cleansed. 

Taking these types of chemicals are questionable especially without a doctor or specialist giving the approval to do so although what happens over the internet can be very convincing. We all know that chlorophyll is mainly used in plants and the structure of a human body and plant are very different. Both have different needs for the structure and not all chemicals used in plants can be used to help humans. Yet it seems to be working as many people claim. Going more deep into the question whether drinking chlorophyll is healthy or bizarre it is proven so by a specialist interviewed. 

Shaikh Ahmed, a specialist in health care, 56 years old from Queens NY. “I never drank this chlorophyll drink and I do not plan to. Being a doctor for more than 20 years and being in med school for 10+ years, I have never heard of such a thing. It is concerning that people are considering chlorophyll to drink which is not supposed to be used for daily consumption. Chlorophyll is used as a medicine but only for some cases which involve cleansing the intestines, immune system and blood. I do not recommend you to drink this as you can get more upset stomachs or a long term effect could be being more sensitive to sunlight due to all the chlorophyll intake.”

From a specialist perspective this happens to be more concerning unless you check in with your doctor. Although this was an intake from a specialist we ask a consumer of the chlorophyll drink their thoughts.

Nusrat Jahan, 18 from Brooklyn NY. “I consume chlorophyll with water and do approve of this, personally speaking. I have seen a difference with drinking chlorophyll. I always struggled with my acne and breakouts, but I see that my skin glows more and has even cleared up a bit more. I honestly have been confused whether it’s because of the chlorophyll or the fact I’ve been drinking more water because I need to with the chlorophyll intake. Regardless, I am not disappointed with the results and I plan to continue it because of the visible changes I see.”

Although the interviewers give us two very different responses we are able to see that you should check in with a specialist before consuming this drink. From a specialist perspective and a user who is confused herself about this drink. 

Tasfia Hossain

Hi my name is Tasfia Hossain and I go to Thomas A. Edison CTE HS. I am 17 years and over the years of being in high school I realized one of my biggest passions is writing. I am able to feel free and let loose when I write along with other hobbies and activities such as art and photography. All of which go together perfectly as I express my writing on a new level with both art and photography.