Has Social Media Ruined Thrifting? 

Recently, it seems like shopping second-hand is the new “hip thing” for young people to do. It used to be looked down upon as something shameful. Influencers on social media have glamorized the practice and everyone is doing it now! 

The popularization of thrifting has some detrimental side effects. It can be argued it is taking away from those who really need it. 

“The thrift store I go to used to be filled with mothers and their children. Nowadays, it is white teenagers carrying carts full of clothes,”Angelina Lynch said. 

It seems as though people who shopped second-hand out of necessity are being pushed out by hoards of teenagers. 

The problem isn’t just that they want to buy cute clothes for cheaper prices. The actual culprits are most likely Resellers. These are people who will buy out items in bulk and sell them for significantly higher prices. Apps such as Depop, Poshmark, and eBay are the most common places they operate. 

(Comparison of UGG shoes being sold on Depop Vs. the UGG website.)

Considering reselling to be “stealing” might be a little far fetched but some of the negative consequences are undeniable. 

“It’s a lot harder to find deals because thrifting is mainstream now, causing the price of cheap items to go up,” student Baqar Mehdi Mirza said. 

So the question is: Is thrifting even worth it anymore?

One thing’s for sure, the joy of thrift shopping is not the same anymore. A lot of people can relate to the anxiety of seeing a fellow teenager decked out in trendy clothes at the store. Nine times out of ten they’re a reseller. 

Making good finds is significantly harder than, which takes away the sort of “high” of thrifting. Is it time to go back to regular shopping?

“It really depends. Sometimes you find good clothes for a good price and other times it’s better to just buy it first-hand,” said Lynch. 

While the popularization of shopping second-hand has made it harder, it is still possible to get a bang for your buck. Try going to some less popular locations that are “gatekept” and haven’t hit the public eye. You could also try alternatives such as discount stores, Facebook marketplace, or even garage sales. 

Priodarshini Pandit

Hi, my name is Priodarshini, but I typically go by Prio. I am a senior at Thomas A. Edison CTE HS. I love to make art and watch movies/shows!