Grammy 2023 Controversy

My two cents 

Last year stars like Silk Sonic and Olivia Rodrigo took the stage in accepting their award. Whether its family getting together or friends placing their bets, the Grammys is always a massive day for music lovers. 2023 is particularly special because there is massive controversy regarding “Song of the Year.” 

Some students from Ms. Bolender’s freshman music class shared some opinions. Most kids generally get their music from what’s trending. My goal is to change that narrative.

What’s your favorite song right now? “Out of every thing I have here prolly like… mhmm… Fetty Wap – Sweet yams (laughs) (sings) Can I get to the yams!” –Johnathan Neil 

Lil Tjay or A boogie? “Tjay” Why? “Uh I mean that new album… ain’t it.” 

What’s your favorite category in the Grammys?  “I don’t really know bruh. I listen to all types of music. I don’t really care what it is. If it sounds good then. –Marlon Mahabir What’s your favorite song right now?  “Ooo that’s a hard one (…) I would say from the new SZA album “Special.” Ooh that’s a good one. Did you listen to the whole album? “The whole thing.” 

Have you ever seen the Grammys before, if so how recently? “Um I’ve seen parts of it like on social media and stuff but I’ve never sat down and actually watched it.” Would you want to?  “Yeah.”

What’s your favorite category in the Grammys? “Um best new album or best album-” Album of the Year?  “Yeah” Why? “Cuz that one- that one has a lot of controversy like I remember this one about like Ariana Grande should’ve won but like Billie Eilish won so. Oh that was crazy. “Ariana Grande should’ve won” -Abigale Campaverdi 

The popular problem with the Grammys is it seems the awards are now given to the most popular song rather than the most talented song – How many times the song was played on the radio rather than the intricate details embedded into each track. Many artists have completely disregarded the Grammys including stars like Nicki Minaj and Zayn Malik, but I don’t blame them. 

For years now the Grammys have been discredited for recognizing popularity over craft. For one, in last year’s Grammys Jon Batiste  won album of the year with “We Are.” Congratulations and all, but H.E.R put her blood, sweat and tears into her album “Back of My Mind.” There is credit due.

Additionally “Happier than Ever” (the song) had everyone baffled when it came out because of the versatility presented in Billie Eilish’s new art, but somehow the overplayed “Drivers License,” by Olivia Rodrigo won for Best Pop Performance. Great actress, but singing isn’t for everyone. One other thing about the Grammys is genres besides pop and hip-hop are under-represented; that’s another story for another day.

Ultimate Top Three:

  1. “Wait, you can’t vote for grammys right?” – Abigale Campaverti 
  2. “Un I mean that new album… aint it” – Marlon Mahhabir 
  3. “Ariana grande should’ve won” – Abigale Campaverti 

Nonetheless, Grammy day is still my favorite annual Holiday. People who normally don’t watch football go to those Super Bowl parties for one of two reasons; for the food/family or for the commercials/performances. The Grammys is my Super Bowl.  Music plays a role in everyone’s lives somehow. How we embrace it is what makes us unique.

Darnese Joyner

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