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Are you wondering why you haven’t had any school newspapers delivered to your class? Well the answer is simple, The Edison Light has gone digital!

        In order to become more environmentally friendly and advance the technological aspect of our school, the newspaper has become accessible only online. The Edison Light has joined the list of school news/ information outputs like PupilPath, Google Classroom as well as our updated school website.

        Students, as well as parents have another opportunity to read about the events that happen within in the school and any other events that are relevant to them. Parents would be able to access the newspaper themselves to find out information if their children forgot to tell them.

Students will no longer get paper editions.

Students will no longer get paper editions.

       “I like that it’s online because a lot of people today use the media for any or everything. Not everyone is up for reading a newspaper. Even when we got them on paper, not a lot of kids read them. So I think since it’s on the website, now it will be easier to maneuver things. It will be easier to access,” said Padmini Singh.

        However Amy Donayre said, “Now that it’s digital, we’d have to take it upon ourselves to go to the actual site and see it. In a teenager’s mind, who wants to go out of their way to read it? It’s most likely not going to happen.”

        Mrs. Marsh believes, “There is a certain novelty that a printed paper has and the students look forward to it; being tangible and something they can share or read together. That will be lost.”

        Even though there won’t be any more paper editions lying around, the newspaper will be leaving its digital footprint from now on. Whenever you want to check out a past article or see what’s happening currently, The Edison Light would be right there on your fingertips.