Everyone Deals With Stress, Why Should You?

Learning how to cope with failure and stress is important for teenagers to get through high school.

Teenagers stress about many things throughout their high school career some being tests, college, shop, homework, and clubs. Many of these things can create stress, the stress can cause adverse effects on the students. Sleep deprivation and loss of appetite are two main results of stress. To a human being sleep and food are very important, especially to a student. Which is why it is important to understand how to deal with it.

Teenagers deal with stress in different ways, watching a favorite show, exercising, painting, listening to music, sleeping and many more. There are so many ways people relive the mental exertion given by stress.

Stress can be relieved in many ways such as doing something you love. It is important to remember that your life does not revolve around work. Doing something you enjoy can help ease the pressure you are dealing with. Another way to ease this strain is organizing, having a set plan of what I have to have done causes less strain. Organizing stops you  from losing your mind over simple tasks, it also helps to visually see what needs to get done.

Caption- Do something you enjoy! Photo Credit- Eashan Nirhoe

Caption- Do something you enjoy!
Photo Credit- Eashan Nirhoe

All students want to be scholars, but it is important to make sure you are not over exerting yourself. Studying and doing extracurricular activities are important, I don’t deny that but over doing it can lead to different aspects of you life to suffer.

Going through High School and meeting a lot of different people I’ve realised that people tend to not talk about their problems or what’s stressing them. This is incredibly unhealthy because it’s almost as if the stress is eating you inside out. While talking to a teacher might be a little bit intimidating, it can be very beneficial to talk to someone who has persevered through the same problems you’ve dealt with.

Stress is not something you have to go through alone.


Eashan Nirhoe

I write for the arts and entertainment section of the Edison Light. The arts have always held a special place in my life, It has influenced who I have become as a person. Going to museums is not only something that I enjoy, but it is an adventure for me. Aside from arts a form of entertainment that I favor the most is movies because a lot like books it takes me to a new world.