College 101?

 The college officer provides a display of many different colleges.

The college officer provides a display of many different colleges.

Grades. Transcripts. Recommendations. Applications. College. That time to apply to college is upon us seniors. The process is a big responsibility that brings a lot of stress with it.

Many seniors have had to take a fairly new class; Career and Financial Management where they learn to deal with life after high school. However many seniors are facing difficulties when trying to apply to college because they are new to the process and have many questions. With other 500 students in the senior class, the college counselor isn’t always available. How can we solve this problem?

A College 101 class. Students need a class where they can get their college questions answered and actually work towards building their college applications.

Andres Restrepo said, “When completing my college application, it was stressful because it was a long process. It was very tiring trying to get all the things I needed to make sure my application was complete. I believe having a College 101 class would make the process easier since it would be completed in school, rather than at home where I am busy.”

If CFM is preparing students for the real world, why can’t students be helped in a more significant way to get to college? Thus this College 101 class, in collaboration with CFM, will enable students to continue on the road to college as well as prepare them on how to handle themselves then and thereafter.

“Filling out the college application was actually a bit confusing for me. However filling out what I could from the application made me feel like I was a step closer to growing up. After high school you’re a stepping out to the real world,” says Katherina Veeria.

Even though this isn’t an actual class, remember there is always someone to help answer questions if you are stressed about the process; ask Ms. Spano or ask a teacher.