Chromebooks Contributing to World Cup Distraction?

Students at Edison have been obsessing about the World Cup for the past few weeks. Some kids are even watching the World Cup in class rather than finishing their assignments. With the World Cup now finished, Edison should work to improve events like the World Cup. It would be a bad idea to ignore the World Cup in class because it is the biggest event and a chance for people to represent their nation.

“The school should honestly do something about it, it doesn’t necessarily have to be blocked from laptops in general,” said Howard.

Overall an event like the world cup isn’t supposed to be a time for negativity or hate. It’s a time of joy and excitement with any country being able to be at the top of the Fútbol kingdom.

“I believe that an event like the world cup is set to bring people together,” said Michael.

“I believe that Edison should do some sort of watch party next time an event like this occurs. It could be held in the auditorium and could be used to help fundraise and events. It could happen after everyone’s school day ends,” Michael said.

Additionally, if enough people make an effort to expand on the concept of viewing sporting events in class, a change might be made that would be advantageous to the young adults at Edison.

Christian Espinal

My name is Christian Espinal and I write for the Sports section of the Edison Light. Sports have been a part of my life since I was a kid. There is no higher feeling than enjoying oneself while winning in sports. It increases your self-confidence and fosters excellent leadership qualities. These perks are why I decided to write for the sports section. To inform others about sports and show the benefits that come with playing a sport here at Edison. I hope you enjoyed reading. Stay tuned for more readings on the Edison Light that are similar to this one.