Austin McBroom Is Losing It

Austin McBroom has been taking social media by storm following his recent divorce with ex-wife, Catherine Paiz. They’re known for their YouTube channel ‘The Ace Family’ with over 18 million subscribers. The two have been together for almost 7 years and have 3 kids together.

Following the recent divorce, Austin has been going viral all over for his strange Snapchat stories. Viewers have been saying that he’s spiraling and losing his mind. 

“I saw that he’s been stalking his ex wife. He bought a trailer and has been living in it. He’s been friends with this rapper DDG and he’s been living in his house,” Ryan Baichu said. 

DDG and Austin Mcbroom came out with the song, “Still My ACE,” to express Austins’ feelings about the divorce. With lyrics such as “Together for 8 years now we don’t speak,” “I’ve been in this RV with no heat,” “At the window tryna check on my baby,” and “I can act okay but I’m faking.” This song is one of the many elements of his short lived fame. 

“Austin McBroom. What hasn’t he done? He’s lived fifty lives in the past month. He’s tried getting a job at CVS, but it didn’t workout. He went to UCLA as a student, but that didn’t work out either. He sold lemonade and horchata in front of a mall. He just gives stalker vibes,” said Mirian Leon.

Austin McBroom applied to work at CVS in one of his many Snapchat stories. Viewers got to see the entire process from him getting ready for the interview and him not getting the job. It was especially insulting of the working class. Austin was applying as a joke but for people who aren’t rich and famous, jobs like CVS are how others pay their bills and put food on the table. 

“He’s not even on the clock for real. He’s making a mockery. He’s part of the elite. He has a lot of money. He’s sitting there working at CVS for fun. One of my cousins worked there full time. It’s not something to be ashamed of. It’s a real thing,” Ryan Baichu said.

Celebrities and other influencers have the tendency to “work” normal jobs although they have way more money than the average person.

“That sounds like what a lot of influencers do, like Charlie D’melio when she worked at Walmart and how a lot of way richer people who aren’t influencers live on farm houses and act like they are a part of the working class but they have so much privilege. They don’t know the true struggles of being a part of the working class,” Shane Gomes said.

Austin has lots of money and wears designer clothes. This is why people are finding it hard to believe that he is truly struggling as much as he claims he does. His clothes are sometimes torn and he walks around with no shoes. This sparks the question, are his Snapchat stories fake?

“I think that they are fake. He’s on his last legs as a content creator, as an influencer. I think that his career is ruined and he’s trying to milk the controversy as much as he can. He’s just acting crazy so that he can get views and monetize,” Christian Monzon said.

Austin McBroom is just another trend that is going to play out and go away just as everything else. His 5 seconds of fame will soon run out, especially now that the family channel will no longer be viable anymore. The Ace Family YouTube channel was his way of staying relevant but now that it’s over, he’ll be forgotten. 

“He’s done. Without Catherine, he’s nothing. I give him another month. Most trends go on a monthly basis. By the next month everyone’s going to be done making fun of him. People get bored, I be bored,” Ryan Baichu said. 

At this point, Austin is doing whatever he can to stay relevant but his shenanigans are not cutting it anymore. People have already stopped talking about him. His cheating scandals don’t help his case and honestly who knows where he’ll end up. 

“He’s a cheater, a liar, and he’s insane,” Christian Monzon said. 

Allia Dalana

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