Are trips a no go?

With the recent events in Paris, New York City has been on alert for terror threats. This resulted in schools calling off trips in regards to safety. Many trips that were scheduled to be in the area had to be postponed, rescheduled or even canceled.

Edison was one of those schools that took precautionary measures to ensure safety. The SkillsUSA ice-skating trip, to Bryant Park, was postponed. Many students were disappointed that this trip didn’t occur when it was supposed to because they were looking forward to the fun experience.

“I feel that the ban on trips is necessary because of the security concern. However if the trip was banned because of another reason, I wouldn’t agree. If we can’t go to the city, why do kids who go to school in the city,” said Mr. Kalloo.

However Commissioner Bill Bratton believes canceling trips is “Totally, totally uncalled for” and “irresponsible” because “the city is safe and secure.”

Student Joseph Engel agrees, “The cancellation of trips is unfair because we shouldn’t feel terrified about going into the city. Trips are a good learning experience and provide a better social experience for the real world.”

Schools buses may not be transporting students for trips for a while.

Schools buses may not be transporting students for trips for a while.

Safety is the number one priority of teachers and educators. As many can agree that trips provide an educational and fun experience, they have to be safe enough to take a bunch of students on. Therefore the cancellation of trips may seem excessive but it is in all good interests for the security of the children.