Alternatives of Senior Activities

With school cancelled for the rest of the year for students, how can we celebrate Senior Activities in quarantine? 

High school is said to be the best four years of our lives, but due to the global pandemic of the Coronavirus, graduates of 2020 have had their senior year cut short.  With senior events, such as prom and graduation, being moved to the Fall, and students committing to out-of-state colleges, how can students make the most of their time left with classmates?

Under quarantine I have discovered a lot of ways to keep myself busy while also including my friends. Here are some alternatives to the senior activities that can help you feel more connected while we finish the school year apart:

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a free Google Chrome Extension that you can add to your browser straight from the Chrome Web Store. You can use this extension to watch anything on Netflix, so long as you and your friends have a Netflix account. While watching the movie or show, there is a chat log so you can talk to your friends and watch at the same time.

Even simple things such as iMessage games are fun. With Game Pigeon installed you can play a bunch of games ranging from 8ball, Crazy 8’s, Darts, Cup Pong, and many more. Online games such as Roblox, Club Penguin, and even Minecraft can be entertaining and a good way to socialize by competing with others.

Another way that students can communicate with each other is through video and voice conferencing. Applications such as Skype, Facetime, and Zoom offer real-time communication methods that allow people to interact with each other while maintaining the social distancing standards. A bonus with Skype is that it has screen-sharing capabilities that allow users to watch movies and shows or even YouTube.

As you can see, there are many things to do with your friends as the end of quarantine approaches. While these alternatives are not the same as having the planned senior activities, it is still a very entertaining way to pass time in quarantine and have fun with friends while staying safe.

Lauren Singh

Hey! I’m Lauren. I enjoy capturing stories through writing, photography and film. I hope to one day publish my work which will inspire an audience and allow them to create a pathway for their ideas to flow as well.