A HOW-TO GUIDE: Let’s Talk About Edison Staircases

Have you ever wondered which staircase is the best to avoid large crowds, dodging the teacher’s class you missed first period, and the awkward couples clinging on to each other?

“Use landmarks like if there is a fire hydrant or clock in the area,  for example, that American flag that’s a good landmark to my social studies classes,” said freshman Samuel Khanimov.

It all starts at Staircase A, which is almost forgotten by many since it is all the way down across the dance room and will lead you to the second, third, and ground floor across the auto shops. Staircase B right beside the nurse’s office is where the crowd starts, since it is connected to the cafeteria entrance and only goes up to the second floor.

During rush hour, many students lose track of which way they are going and end up messing up the traffic of the crowd in the hallways, but most importantly in the staircases. Staircase C which we all know of is almost a hazard issue known for its extreme crowd due to it being in the middle of the building and connecting our students to all floors. It is true that you have to watch where you are going on this staircase if you don’t want to end up in a stacked domino situation. 

“There was once this kid sitting in staircase C and there were so many people walking past him and I was like uh I am not going to say anything I have to go,” said Samuel Khanimov. Well, how do you explain that to the teacher’s class you walked in late to? 

I am not saying staircase C is a bad option, just be mindful of which the way the traffic is flowing! Staircase D is also another great option to get to the middle of the second and ground floors. Last, but definitely not least, Staircase E is right beside the auditorium that leads you to the second floor music rooms/dean’s office. Oh, and for those who didn’t know that a  staircase that leads to the auditorium called “10” on the ground floor is not accessible, which is probably why it is located across the dean’s office. 

It came to a lot of teachers’ notice at the beginning of the year that freshman and sophomore students were struggling to find their way around the building which as well made it harder for a lot of other students to get to class on time.

“Ms. Ramos gave me a really good clue the other day, if it is curving then you are headed towards the larger numbers,” said Ms. Chevry.

Understanding the structure of our school building is definitely a key to figuring out where each room is specifically on the ground floor. Admit it, we all at least once wished we could use the elevator to avoid the crowd, but unfortunately it is not an option so please spare the student that is sprinting to get to their class on time! 

Joyeeta Barua

Hi hello! My name is Joyeeta (joy). I am a part of the opinion section. I like to be observant but definitely not in a creepy way like “The Watcher” show. I like listening to people’s different perspectives and pitching in with new ideas, so group work is definitely stimulating to me. I hope the opinions we work with also help you dig deeper into your own curiosity bubble!