Young Voters and Pandemic Hitting Hard on 2020 Election

After the sudden ending of Bernie Sander’s long-fought primary race, it leaves Joe Biden the Democratic presidential nominee and will go against Donald Trump in November. 

Most Generation Z and millennial voters, ages 18 to 35, supported Sanders for this upcoming presidential election among the other democratic candidates. These voters have the most power to choose their leaders during this election, but many now feel that none of the candidates are listening to them, resulting in voters not voting. 

Millennials and Generation Z, have faced the fear of war, mass shootings, recession, wildfires, and now a pandemic. 20 years ago, there was a lot more economic stability and less of a threat of a major political or global crisis. With what is currently going on in the United States, it’s important to note what threat the coronavirus could bring. The Great Recession was a crisis that hindered millennials’ financial and professional growth, which could possibly happen due to this pandemic. 

Many of the young people in the United States are the future of politics, making up more than a third of eligible voters. Issues such as education, student loans, health insurance, climate change, are now concerns for many. 

Sanders endorsed Joe Biden for president, pledging to help him take down President Donald Trump in the general election as the two agreed to work jointly on policy matters. Though Sanders and Biden have their differences they’ve agreed to form six task forces to work on the economy, education, criminal justice, immigration, climate change, and health care.

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On April 22, Joe Biden led Donald Trump by under six percentage points among registered voters. He has brought it among older voters but is lacking to get young voters interested. Due to the majority of the young voters rooting for Sanders during elections, it is important to note where he stands with this. 

Trump and Biden head-to-head during the coronavirus could define the 2020 election. Trump’s administration fell short of its own goals for the pandemic. There have been shortages of test kit materials, giving states clear and timely guidance on social distancing was late, and along with the administration cutting off WHO’s funding in the middle of the pandemic. Recently, Trump suggested “injection” of disinfectant to beat the coronavirus and “clean” the lungs. 

Biden’s plan to combat coronavirus are ensuring the wide  availability of free testing along with coming up with an economic response that starts with emergency paid leave for all those affected by the outbreak

Both candidates have shown their approach during this pandemic and their resolutions for handling this problem. It is now up to the voters to lean towards who they think can handle being president of this country. 

Many new voters should look into the issues that they find are hard-hitting to them, such as student debt, income gap, and climate change. Currently, the pandemic took over the nation making it the top priority for the United States. It is crucial to know the other issues the country is dealing with, making our vote count and showing the importance of voting.  

Swarnali Bhakta

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