What to Eat Next?

Picking out food to eat can be tedious as you have so many thoughts and questions that come to mind? What should I eat? What’s good? Is this a reasonable amount to pay?

You want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth as you are paying for food that caters to you. Whether you don’t have a preference or do it helps a lot hearing what others have to say as you’re being introduced to new ideas. 

Mehrab Hasan an 18 year old from Queens, New York. “My favorite food to eat when I go out is Chipotle. Chipotle is something I get once a week as it is filling and affordable. It is a Latin fast food chain where you are able to get a good meal under $15. My favorite thing to get from here is a burrito bowl. The bowls are usually so big that I can never finish them in one sitting … I recommend Chipotle because it is economical and there is a wide variety that comes with affordable prices and will fill you up.” 

If you got more money to splurge on a meal and want to eat in, you may want to check out BonChon, a Korean wing spot with locations in Queens and Brooklyn.

Fahmidah Rahman an 18 year old from Queens.“Bonchon is a great place – I like to treat myself as I do not get food outside as often. The wings are delicious and fill me up by itself although I do like getting their parmesan fries on the side. With my usual 10 piece wings with their signature flavors, soy garlic and spicy, with the side of parmesan fries on a Friday night is the perfect way I cool off from a full week of school and work … Bonchon is a great way to treat yourself and get a great cheat meal for under $30.”

If you’re looking for a sit-down, dine-in experience while still encountering familiar options with an upscale twist, Sagur Chinese is worth exploring. 

Tasawar Saraf an 18 year old from Queens, New York. “I usually don’t go out to eat, but when I do I like going to Sagur Chinese for my comfort food. I really love how it is an Asian-fusion restaurant with the mix of all these amazing flavors; you get a taste of food from Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, China, and even Thai. I definitely recommend this restaurant as you get a full course meal under $40, as I usually start off with chicken lollipop as a starter and as a main I’ll get the Sagur Chicken fried rice. I end off with the mango lassi as a dessert.”

If you are looking to explore these food spots visit these links below to view the menu and for the option to order online.  

BonChon Menu:

Sagur Chinese:

Chipotle Menu:


Tasfia Hossain

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