TikTok Tortilla Wrap Hack that you need in your life!

Tiktok has gone viral all over the internet for mostly its wide variety of lifestyle hacks and entertainment. It includes almost all kinds of daily life tricks and hacks, especially food hacks.

Food hacks on TikTok have been one of the most viewed contents that have made TikTok even more known all over the internet. This new tortilla wrap hack by TikToker @Cookingwithayeh has gone viral for its genius and most convenient way of making wraps. This food hack really made us all think that we’ve been making wraps wrong this whole time.

“I have seen the viral tortilla wrap. I think it’s a really interesting way to eat since traditionally the tortilla would be rolled. I also think it looks more aesthetically pleasing,” said Madina Khandaker, a Senior.

Just by simply cutting a slit in the middle of the tortilla, portioning the four quarters with different fillings, and then just folding it into a triangle shape is what this hack is all about.

Everyone makes the wrap differently, some make it savory especially for lunch and dinner and some make it sweet especially for breakfast. Many people put sauce, chicken, lettuce on each quarter of the tortilla wrap and many put cream cheese, blueberry, and syrup on it.

“I have seen many people create a sweet wrap rather than the savory. I think that’s interesting because when I think about a tortilla wrap, I automatically think savory. I never tried sweet tortilla wraps before but it’s something I would definitely like to try especially after watching the hack,”  said Madina Khandaker.

I personally think that the hack is really beneficial and it saves so much time. It is super convenient since it is quick and mess-free. This hack is so fresh that even people who are not a fan of wraps will at least try it once out of curiosity.

The most important thing about this hack is that you don’t need any actual cooking skills. You can just add any toppings of your liking and it will just fold right in. 

“If I were to make this wrap I would put lettuce on one part, grilled chicken on another, cucumbers/tomatoes, and a sauce of my choice. I would prefer to go savory rather than sweet,” said Khandaker.

Maisha Rahaman

Hi, I’m Maisha Rahaman. Let me just start off by saying I love Food. I mean who doesn’t love food?. My hobbies include going to different places and to try out new food, drawing, cooking, and traveling. Food plays an important role in my life since I love cooking it and I love eating it. Besides talking about food, I am currently a senior at Thomas Edison High School. I am also the Vice President of Key Club in my school.