TikTok Snacks: Friend Or Foe

TikTok is known to be the 7th largest social media platform. TikTok is used for entertainment. Others may use it for fame, hacks, makeup tutorials, cooking, and much more. As teenagers grow, their interest in foods have changed. Some like eating, while others like cooking. Some people can cook and some  people accidentally cause kitchen fires. 

Over the past few years, challenges and truth-or-dares have been popular trends that lots of people have participated in. There were people from all over the world doing these types of videos and recreating them to make it their own. 

With TikTok becoming more popular by the day, one thing that everyone has seen on their “for you pages” are the crazy, tasty and weirdest snacks. Two snacks; Gushers stuffed in a pickle with chamoy and tajin wrapped in fruit roll up (1) and Jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and Takis (2). 

These two snacks were made and tested. First snack being the Sweet Spicy Pickle… 

Sweet Spicy Pickle Ingredients:

Jar of whole, dill pickles 

Box of gushers  

Box of fruit roll-ups 

Bottle of tajin 

Bottle of chamoy 

Sweet Spicy Pickle Steps:

  1. Take the pickles out of the jar and place on the plate 
  2. Cut one end of the pickles off with a knife
  3. Scoop out the middle of the pickle using either a spoon or knife 
  4. Open a packet of gushers and place the gushers inside the pickle 
  5. Pour 2 spoons of chamoy inside the pickle 
  6. Sprinkle about 1 spoon of tajin in the pickle 
  7. Unwrap 2 fruit roll up and wrap the fruit roll up around the outside of of the pickle (covering all sides, top and bottom of the pickle)
  8. Pour enough chamoy to cover the pickle
  9. Sprinkle a coat of tajin all around the pickle 
  10. Eat and enjoy!! 

Sweet Spicy Pickle Outcome:

If you are someone who enjoys sour, bitter treats this is definitely recommended for you. When you look at it, you don’t know what to expect. The illusion of the fruit roll up makes you think the snack will be very sweet, but the pickle gets your sour taste buds rising. When you pick it up you feel the firmness of the pickle while feeling the stickiness from the fruit roll up, chamoy and tajin. It has a sweet aroma attached to it. When you take your first bite, you get a mixed taste of sweet, sour and spicy all in one bite. You can feel the goo coming out of the gushers and the crunch of the pickle in your mouth. The sourness makes you salivate. 

The second snack being the Stuffed Jalapeno

Stuffed Jalapenos Ingredients: 

A pack of jalapeños 

A 9.9 oz bag of Takis 

16 oz. tub of original cream cheese 

Stuffed Jalapenos Steps: 

  1. Open package of jalapeños 
  2. Wash jalapeños and place on a plate 
  3. Cut off the stem of jalapeños with the knife 
  4. Using a butter knife scrape out the seeds from the inside of the Jalapeños 
  5. Open the cream cheese package 
  6. Using the knife, fill the jalapeño a little bit over ¾ with cream cheese 
  7. Open the bag of Takis and place 4-6 Takis (or as much can fit) inside the jalapeños (make sure the Takis fit tight inside the jalapeños) 
  8. Eat and enjoy!! 

Stuffed Jalapenos Outcome 

Getting ready to eat this treat, you feel the firmness between your fingers. It has a faded spicy aroma. As you take your first bite, you will experience a big crunch with a bit of a creamy consistency entering your mouth. You first taste the jalapenos, then the spiciness and then the cream. Your next bite will be equal portions of all three ingredients. The cream cheese consistency cancels out the spicy flavor from the Takis giving the snack a mild taste. If you are someone who craves spicy snacks. 

These snacks are very popular but it doesn’t tickle everyone’s fancy. Some people may say these snacks are over hyped, others may say they eat it everyday. Although it wouldn’t hurt to try new snacks, sticking to what you know best is the right way to go. Are these snacks worth consuming or are the videos more appealing? 

Padma Brijmohan

Slope HI! My name is Padma Brijmohan and I write for the food section for The Edison Light. I chose food to be my topic mainly because it’s what I love most. I have a very open out food palette and am willing to try anything new. I like trying out new foods from different cultures and countries since everyone doesn’t make food the same way. It’s nice to try something different and out of my comfort zone. I hope writing about different types of foods will make you have an appetite like mine!