The Pasta That Broke The Internet

Cherry Tomatoes and Feta Cheese, Yep you guessed it right. I’m talking about the TikTok Viral Feta Cheese Pasta. The only cooking method that is required for you to do is stirring. If you have been on TikTok for a while, I’m pretty sure you have come across the Viral Feta Cheese Pasta. Food getting viral on TikTok is not new to us. We have seen the viral Gigi Hadid Pasta, the tortilla wrap hack, but feta cheese pasta is slightly different from all the past food recipes that got viral on TikTok. 

The Feta Cheese Pasta is a low-effort recipe for pasta with tomatoes and cheese. The recipe goes back to Finland when a food blogger created the recipe and it got so famous in Finland that stores ran out of Feta cheese. Later, the recipe became viral in the United States when TikToker MacKenzie Smith @grilledcheesesocial picked up the recipe and posted it on TikTok.

Shajida Nujhat a 21-year-old fast-food manager from Queens said, “Yes, I have seen the viral TikTok video of the Feta Cheese Pasta tutorial. When I saw it for the first tie, my instant thought was how easy the recipe is. It also saves so much time since everything is pretty much baked together.” 

The recipe is as simple as roasting fresh cherry tomatoes with an entire block of feta cheese and herbs in the oven for 30 minutes and then stir it with your favorite type of pasta. People all over the internet are making the pasta and posting it on social media. Some even added their own twist to it by adding chicken and a different type of cheese. The hashtag #bakedfetapasta has had more than 52 million views on TikTok and it is still going strong.

“I have actually made the Feta Cheese Pasta myself. It is indeed ridiculously easy to make in no time. However, as per the taste, I’m a meat lover and therefore I would prefer chicken or shrimp in it since the original taste of the pasta is pretty bland. I’m skeptical as to why people are obsessing over it just as it is. To add on, Feta Cheese is pretty salty. The appearance and the quick tutorial of the pasta are quite attractive, maybe this is why it has gotten millions of views. If I were to rate the pasta, I would give it a 6 out of 10. If they added to chicken or shrimp, then the pasta would be a 10/10,” Shajida Nujhat said.

Even though Feta Cheese Pasta has taken over the internet, people have mixed feelings about it. The first obvious downside is people can make the pasta only if they have an oven since the tutorial doesn’t show the process of making it without an oven. Many people have been posting disappointing reviews under the video because of its bland taste. This pasta may not be relevant for high school students or college students since the overall cost may be over budget. A block of feta costs around $5-9 depending on the store, a box of pasta costs around $4, cherry tomatoes around $3, a bottle of olive oil costs $12, and lastly herbs, garlic will cost around $4. So overall the cost of making the pasta will be around $30 which is usually on the over-budget side for a typical high school or a college student. Also to add on, many people are not even able to find Feta Cheese in local grocery stores now as it is in high demand because of the viral video.

“My thoughts on the video getting 52 million views and more are partially justified just because of the vibrant color of the pasta and the idea of trying something new. The idea of baking the ingredients together is indeed a very smart trick. I honestly believe that people made the pasta, not for its flavors, but for posting it on social media platforms just like every other trend,” Shajida Nujhat said.

Is the Feta Cheese Pasta Worth the Obsession? My review on the Feta Cheese Pasta would be very skeptical. I honestly have not made the pasta myself but I have tasted the pasta from a relative. I honestly wouldn’t try to make it myself since the taste is very plain. Feta Cheese is very salty and it doesn’t go well with the pasta. I think it is not worth the obsession. I have tried many different quick recipes of pasta that taste way better and cost way less. If I were to rate this pasta, I would give it a 4 out of 10 and the 4 only for the colorful look of the pasta.

Maisha Rahaman

Hi, I’m Maisha Rahaman. Let me just start off by saying I love Food. I mean who doesn’t love food?. My hobbies include going to different places and to try out new food, drawing, cooking, and traveling. Food plays an important role in my life since I love cooking it and I love eating it. Besides talking about food, I am currently a senior at Thomas Edison High School. I am also the Vice President of Key Club in my school.