Teens on Under Budget at Bayside, Queens

Ever had a long day of school or classes back to back and needed to stuff yourself with delicious food? Head over to Bayside Bell Blvd, Queens. It does not take long to get there and you may take the Q31 bus stop, a 5-minute walk from school, and will notice a mix of all the well-known and underrated shops located in this area on your way there. It is a place to adventure out, especially if you have not visited there before. 

Bayside has all types of food and beverages one may crave for. Most teenagers can enjoy different bubble tea shops, and savory food like tacos, ramen, sandwiches, and more… let’s not forget the deserts such as bakery shops, ice cream, and frozen yogurt which are all located nearby from each other.

So is this hit? Or miss? As I had an adventure out with a group of friends, we noticed how we can stay under budget and yet have our stomachs filled up by the end of the trip. A $20 bill is all you will need to satisfy yourself. The first shop to check out their bubble milk tea is called, ¨Momo Ashi¨ and order yourself a classic regular taro boba milk tea. The total will come out to $4-$5. If you need a snack head over to ¨I´m Mochi¨ as they are very well known for their Korean corn dogs and mochi donut. I recommend getting the Korean corn dog as it is more filling and the cheapest option will price at $3.95 

Additionally, if you are out with a group of friends and are ready for the next level of dining head over to ¨Moho Mexican Grill¨ where not only is it Muslim-friendly but it is a halal-certified shop, that provides delicious and satisfying meals. You can choose to create your taco options where they make the food in front of your face or build your bowl, burrito, salad, etc. Building your taco will come out to a total of $10-$12.

In the end, Bayside is a ¨Hot¨ spot. It is not heavily populated which may be taken advantage of since you won’t have to wait in lines of these stores for too long and yet the food has a rich taste, keeping individuals stuffed and satisfied while being able to stay under budget.

Muhsha Taz

My name is Muhsha Taz, most people know me as outgoing and down-to-earth. I am a senior and my shop’s CTE class is automotive technology. The reason for writing this section is because of the passion I share for being a food lover. I try to go out to places in NYC to try hot trendy food and mainly halal food. My hobby is to go out and try new things whether it is an activity such as ice skating or bowling, or going out to eat with my friends and determining if it is a worthy spot to dine in.