Sweet Cats Cafe: The Go-To Place for Desserts

Boba tea has become so popular throughout the years. You might wonder, what is the closest area to enjoy desserts with your friends. Sweet Cats Cafe is a 12-minute walk at 168-17 Union Turnpike, Queens, NY 11368. It is one of the go-to areas if you want to get Boba Tea and not travel far from school.

If you are a sweet tooth person and have a low budget, this is a place for you to eat. They have desserts ranging from $5 to $15, fried food ranging from $4 to $7, and drinks from $4.50 to $9. But for some, the cost can be pricey for the serving size, “Something I do not like about Sweet Cats Cafe is that the portions for the dessert are a bit small compared to two years ago portions were more oversized and cheaper,” Suha Hoque said. 

Sweet Cats are known for their brown sugar milk tea. I would suggest it for people who like their drinks not too sweet or too bitter. The texture of the boba is soft and chewy, one of the most required elements of these drinks. Compared to coffee drinks served in Dunkin Donuts, where the coffee tastes very bitter, or the caramel mocha drinks from Starbucks are too sweet. 

The most ordered dessert is chocolate cheesecake, a combination of sweet and bitter on top for the chocolate portion. But, if you are one of those people who can not eat very sugary food like me, I would not buy this cake. This cake is for those who love a sweet cake with a hint of bitter dark chocolate. 

But why do people go to Sweet Cats Cafe? Is it for the food or the cute theme to take pictures for Instagram? ¨I go to Sweet Cats Cafe for both the desserts and to take pictures. After school, I usually tend to be hungry because I do not eat at school, so I go there to eat. They have a flower backdrop and a pair of angel wings, and they are cute backdrops to take pictures,” Suha Hoque stated.  

Suha Hoque stated, ¨Whenever I go there, it is never too full. Also, the staff there are nice.¨ Overall, I would go to Sweet Cats Cafe if I want to get boba tea after school and not have to wait in a 15-minute line for just one drink at an affordable price.

Emely Rosales

Hi, my name is Emely Rosales, and I am currently a senior at Thomas A. Edison High School. I like helping others in my community. I enjoy spending time with my birds and buying them new toys. Also, I love spending time in my bed and watching anime or reading manga. I like going out with my friends and playing volleyball.