Home Cooking Underestimated

Teenagers are spending more money each week because they don’t want to eat the food that is served at home; they should learn to cook healthy meals on their own. Many of us underestimate the benefits of home cooking and fatten ourselves on take-out daily. If kids aged 15-17 learned to cook healthier and easier foods at home it could save them and their parents money.

There are probably countless amount of times when you’ve come home to a meal prepared by your mom and then you go right back out that door to McDonald’s to get some nuggets and fries. Having a home cooked meal could be tough for some students and families, due to school and for those who work. They may not even have time for themselves, let alone to cook a full course meal that’s both healthy and delicious.

“I probably spend about $50 dollars a week in buying food, coming home, and ordering something,”said Iyoub Sahin, a fellow Thomas Edison student. “If I buy food, it’s usually Chinese, or Halal food even. Sometimes fries or anything really from the family dollar across the street.”

Teenagers who have busy lives outside of school, particularly those who even work after school don’t get any time to cook or make anything for themselves.

The thing is, teenagers today only focus on how good food tastes, but not on what truly is going into their bodies.

With home cooking you usually buy the ingredients in abundance at the grocery store so there are leftovers, with meals you could eat it for at least two days something filling and healthy. Recipes, such as healthy sandwiches or pasta recipes, which may be easily followed are better health-wise than a greasy McDonald’s fries habit.

One easy go to recipe is always pasta.When it comes to pasta as long as you throw some vegetables in there and it tastes good that’s all you really need!

Healthy foods can even come in the form of smoothies if you’re on the go, or even a simple granola bar and maybe some fruit for a snack when rushing.

“Honestly, if I knew how to make more healthier and tastier foods I would love to have that money that I spend on outside food, and just put it to better use,” said Mikaila Tomlinson, another Thomas Edison student on what making their own food could do to improve their well being.

Meal that may be deliciously prepared by teenagers Photo Credit: Bhavna Roopchand

Meal that may be deliciously prepared by teenagers
Photo Credit: Bhavna Roopchand

Bhavna Roopchand

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