Gigi Hadid Pasta: Is it Worth the Hype?

TikTok has been a platform where teens of all ages use it for fun or even to navigate some funny videos that they may come across on their “for you” page, which gives people a chance to actively try something new for once and people are open to new opportunities that come their way. People take advantage of their TikTok platform and show others their creativity by making simple food recipes in a matter of seconds. 

One of the food trends that has been all over TikTok was the Gigi Hadid Pasta. The main question is it worth your time making? It all started when Gigi Hadid posted on her Instagram kitchen page showing her followers how she makes her own pasta and the ingredients she uses in order to make it. Hadid posted a series of videos on Instagram demonstrating what she did and ever since that day people started to try it out. 

“I have seen various videos on this pasta and have heard good opinions about it. I have seen numerous people making this pasta and encouraging others to make it as well,” said Mahin Khandker.

The pasta dish started to become a trend since many people started using their TikTok platform and expressed their opinions when they made the Gigi Hadid pasta. Whenever a celebrity promotes something on their platform, followers take action and try it on their own time and that is exactly what Gigi Hadid’s followers did. Many fans look up to her and they wanted to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Since there is nothing to do at home people use it as an advantage and waste time on their own. 

“The step by step process of making the pasta was thoroughly explained in a matter of 15 seconds in a TikTok.  I am not the best cook however, the TikToks make it seem really easy to make and fun to do,” said Mahin Khandker. 

If you want to make the Gigi Hadid Pasta, I can guarantee you how easy it is to make it. You’ll want to make it every day!

Radia Islam

Hello! My name is Radia Islam and I was raised most of my life in New York City. I am currently a senior at Thomas A. Edison CTE High School. I am involved with extracurricular activities such as Key Club which promotes leadership through serving others in the community. Helping others in the community and giving back to the community is something I have a passion for. Some interests I have include baking because I love making new things with new recipes. Throughout quarantine, I learned new recipes and spent more time focusing on myself as well.