Fall in Love with These Vegan Dishes!

Who knew eating vegan could taste so good? As the leaves turn orange and the weather gets just a bit chillier, our taste buds want something more in tune with the weather. Try out these three cruelty-free dishes and you’ll surely FALL in love!


Top: pumpkin gnocchi, bottom left: sweet potato macaroni & “cheese”, bottom right: pumpkin biscuits. ​​

These delicious gnocchis are the pumpkin version of the average Italian dumplings.

They can be made as a side dish next to pasta and tomato sauce (or any other sauce you prefer), as an appetizer, or in favorite – soup!

It sure looks like the standard Kraft macaroni and cheese, doesn’t it? Instead, with the pasta, the main ingredients of the secret sauce are sweet potatoes and almond milk. This is definitely a healthier, more sophisticated option instead of cheese, as well as a sweeter flavor. I think this dish would go great with spinach, kale, mushrooms and a variety of other vegetables. It’s very versatile; you can make it as a very simple and quick dinner or side dish, or dress it up to share as the main course!

Anything that has to do with pumpkins is perfect for the fall, especially in desserts and other baked sweets! Now, I’m not a fan of pumpkin flavored sweets, but depending on how mild or strong you prefer the pumpkin flavor you may end up falling in love with these biscuits.