Different Fries Around

There are restaurants and delis around our area that have the fries we crave while still protecting our wallets. 

Popular areas that students can purchase french fries by Edison from students are Checkers and Popeye’s. They come in three different sizes,  small, medium, and large, all priced under $8. However there are cheaper alternatives for consumers to purchase while still tasting delicious fries that may have a standard size as well taking out factors such as price increase with size. 

“I’d go to Avenita Diner, but not for the fries, never tried fries outside of fast food restaurants. Maybe I’ll try them next time I go,” said Joel Vasquez.

Sami Dewan said, “I’ve been living here on Hillside for the majority of my life. Best fries locally are from Supreme Diner and Halal Munchies.” 

Both of these locations are either walking distance from our school or can be taken with our student metro and travel time is also less than 10 minutes by bus. Fries from Halal Munchies are known to be “seasoned,” said Sami Dewan, and with fries being a side, it’s much cheaper than buying from chain restaurants. 

Students need to be informed on all their options when buying food because we should be able to try new types of fries with new flavors without having to spend lots of money seeing that the majority of students don’t have a job or paying internship. Yes an allowance from parents may help, but it’s always better to have alternatives to help save. 


Jermaine Teekaran

My name is Jermaine Teekaran and along with being a writer for the journalism class, I am active member of National Technical Honor Society and MOUSE Squad focusing in on computer science and hardware.