Chipotle VS Qdoba

Students at Thomas A. Edison High School have had an ongoing debate on Chipotle vs. Qdoba.

Chipotle and Qdoba are two Mexican themed restaurants with similar menu items, however each adding their own twist to certain foods. Chipotle began their company two years before Qdoba, increasing the popularity of the chain.

I took it upon myself to  taste test both restaurants with the same menu items and see which I deemed superior. I purchased a chicken burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, red spicy salsa, cheese, lettuce, and guacamole.

After purchasing and consuming both, I strongly believe that Chipotle surpasses that of Qdoba. I believe the quality as well as the spices used in Chipotle’s meal were far more pleasant than that of Qdoba. It seemed to me that Qdoba’s bowl was tasty, however not exciting and didn’t make me want to go back for more like the Chipotle bowl.

A customer at Chipotle, Richard Foster, claimed that he, too, believes Chipotle is superior to Qdoba. He states, “I believe the cook as well as seasoning of the chicken, surpasses the unpleasantness and blandness of a Qdoba bowl.” When asked why he believes some would prefer Qdoba he said, “Qdoba is a little bit cheaper than Chipotle, so some may be looking for that cheap way out. However, Chipotle is definitely worth that extra few dollars when it comes to flavor.”

On the other hand, a consumer at Qdoba, Alexandria Burgess, said that she believes Qdoba exceeds Chipotle in terms of quality, service, and flavor. “I believe thay Qdoba has a wider range of food options and allows any customer to choose what they feel necessary to them. Also, Qdoba’s rice contained a healthier and tastier mixture of spices that I believe Chipotle does not.”

Overall, in terms of flavor and presentation Chipotle succeeded.  Qdoba seemed bland and not interesting compared to that of Chipotle. It seemed to be an over-hyped chain restaurant in competition. The extra few dollars paid for Chipotle, is definitely worth the experience and allows a consumer to really enjoy their Mexican bowl.

Karina Budhu

Yoooo, what’s good? It’s ya girl Karina. My parents are from Trinidad and I am currently a junior at Thomas A. Edison High School. I am also a member of Mouse Squad and a representative of the National Technical Honor Society. On my free time, I manage the boys volleyball team. My birthday is on September 30th and I come from a family of 5 including myself, with two younger sisters.