Biggest Food Myths Uncovered

Throughout our life we learn what is healthy to keep in our daily diets, but are they really true? In this article we will uncover some common lies that are told to us about foods that affect what we eat daily.  The most common food myth that everyone hears is about the healthy amount of water for an individual to drink everyday or that fish is healthy for you.

The 8 by 8 rule, a rumored healthy amount of water a day; 8 glasses of 8 ounces.

The 8 by 8 rule, a rumored healthy amount of water a day; 8 glasses of 8 ounces.

 Mengting Xia, told me what she thought was the healthy options to follow, “ I’ve always heard that eight glasses of water is sufficient for every person to drink per day. My mom at home would tell me to eat my greens and would cook a lot of fish for dinner because she would always say it has healthy meat.”

I’m sure everyone has possibly heard the rumor that eight glasses of water a day is the healthy option, but that’s actually false. The amount of water an individual should drink per day depends on their level of activity, BMI, and the temperature of where they live. For example, if someone is active all day and lives in a hot area it would be better for them to drink more water in comparison to someone during the winter who drives to work and is right above the underweight borderline. Another common food myth is that fish is full of good fat, which is also incorrect. Only thirty percent of fish is full of omega-3 which is good fat however the other seventy percent of mostly saturated fat is what people neglect. The excess of saturated fat in fish leads to an increase of cholesterol in individuals who consume fish irregularly.

So if you new years resolution is to eat healthier and drink those eight glasses of eight ounce water, you may want to rethink that and formulate a healthier meal plan.