10 Below is the Place to Go!

Have you seen the videos of the Thai- inspired ice cream rolls? Have you wanted to try them? Well there is now a place in Queens that sells them! 10 Below just opened a new location in Flushing.

10 Below is located at 136-17 39th Avenue in Flushing. It is on the ground floor of the Queens Crossing building. They are open seven days a week from 11 am- 10 pm. They also take both cash and credit. Each serving of ice cream is only $7 and comes with unlimited toppings.

The Cookie Monster flavor at 10 Below!

The Cookie Monster flavor at 10 Below!

There are eight flavors to choose from at 10 Below: Key Lime Pie, Monkey Business, Strawberry Shawty, Cookie Monster, Bend and Gingersnap, Smores Galore, Matcha Made in Heaven and their special, Ain’t Got No Thai Fo’ Dat. They have 13 different toppings to choose from including Oreo, marshmallow, pretzel and strawberry. Their sauces include chocolate syrup, caramel, condensed milk and honey.

The ice cream is made by pouring a milk base on an ice pan that is -35°C. Depending on the flavor you choose, different ingredients are chopped up into the liquid. For instance the cookie monster incorporates an Oreo into the cream. The mixture continues to mix the ingredients together on the pan so that it starts to freeze. Once it starts to freeze over, the mixer smoothes it out onto the pan so that it can be rolled. The ice cream is then rolled and placed into a cup. You have a choice of toppings to add once this is done. This process takes about 3-4 minutes.

Dave Seetaram said, “I had the cookie monster. The ice cream was rich in flavor. Every bite had a piece of cookie and there were a lot of different toppings that enhanced the flavor. It was satisfying.”

10 Below is a good spot to get a different type of ice cream. The wait was approximately 30 minutes but it was worth it. I enjoyed seeing my ice cream made fresh in front of me. The ice cream was creamy and well incorporated with the ingredients. I would definitely go back again.

If you’ve been lazy to go to the Chinatown location, get up and head over to Flushing. 10 Below is the place to go!