What’s Going On With the U.S.-Mexico Border?

More than 7,000 Central American Migrants are arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border. Many of them claim they are fleeing poverty or violence in their home country and are arriving in America for a better future for themselves and their kids, however, many people are against the migration.

President Trump has labeled the caravan as “an invasion.” Trump has been very clear of his views on the caravan. He has deployed 5,800 troops to the southern border to make it even harder to get through. The shelters that many of the migrants are currently in are very packed and they do not have enough food and water for them.

“I think it is something that people just don’t understand anything about, they don’t understand the consequences, and it has been highly politicized,” said Danielle Ragavanis, a Model UN Advisor.

The media has played a huge role in the opinions of many. On social media, many people are being vocal about their disapproval for the migrant caravan. The main one being Donald Trump. Trump has highly criticized anyone in support of the migrants entering America. He expressed his feelings on Twitter by stating, “To those in the Caravan, turnaround, we are not letting people into the United States illegally. Go back to your Country and if you want, apply for citizenship like millions of others are doing!”

When asked about the way Donald Trump is handling this situation, Ms.Ragavanis said, “He is using the whole migrant caravan for his own political gain and for support for his reelection.” She believes he doesn’t care for the topic.

“Solve the problems that cause them to flee. The best way to solve the refugee crisis is to make a world in which people don’t need to be refugees anymore,”  replied Ms.Ragavanis when asked what should the U.S. do to try to reduce the conflict.

Many of the refugees are searching for jobs to support their families or escaping hate and persecution. Many of those who joined the caravan are people who joined it last minute. They were influenced on social media, resulting in them leaving their homeland, Honduras, in hope of a better future.

The migrant caravan problem will not be fixed anytime soon if people don’t start taking action to reduce the problem.

Asia Subhan

Hi, my name is Asia Subhan. I write for the Feature section in the Edison Light. In my free time, I love watching my favorite TV shows, going to the city and writing about things I am passionate about. I feel like writing is a great way to express yourself. I like to be up to date on issues concerning our world today and love watching the news.