Ugly Sweaters at Edison

On Thursday, December 20th, Thomas Edison hosted an ugly sweater event. Both students and staff can show up to school wearing a festive sweater. Of course the event was not mandatory. Many participants could be seen early in the morning showing their clothes to their friends. As you enter through the cafeteria, all you saw were Christmas trees, gingerbread men, colorful lights, candy cane designs and much more.

Around Christmas time, many people have a different way of expressing their spirit for the holidays. Wearing an ugly sweater is one particular way. One does not have to simply buy a sweater. There are methods online that reveal how to construct your own.

Not only was Thursday ugly sweater day, but it was the gym show as well. Many teachers, such as Mrs. Fitzgerald, Ms. Weckstein, Ms. Loscalzo, Ms. Peruffo, Ms. Pinto and others showed off their sweater. I spoke to Ms. Weckstein to discuss why she thought ugly sweaters became so popular.

Ms. Weckstein said,  “Everybody always wants something different. An ugly sweater is different… It is good to promote school spirit. This brings the school community closer. Also I just had to represent matzo balls! (it’s an Italian food).

Like most people, Ms. Weckstein purchased her sweater. She said,  “I got this for only $5.00 at Sears…actually my niece bought me this!”

Emily Gurcharan, another student who was wearing a festive sweater, also shared her thoughts about the event, “I guess they are another way to commemorate the holidays.”

Emily also purchased her sweater, “it was easier to purchase one rather than making one since it would have been time consuming.”

20181220_134509-Analeah wearing her sweater

All in all, wearing an ugly sweater is a clear sign that Christmas is right around the corner.

Nicholas Suresh

My name is Nicholas Suresh. I write for the Features section of The Edison Light. I think reporting about unexpected things is what makes my section stand out from the others. In my spare time, both my brother and I study karate at the Jaribu System of Martial Arts.