The Future of Edison Bucks

Phot Credit: Evelyn Loveras

At the start of the academic year, Thomas A. Edison High School introduced an addition to its student experience: Edison Bucks, marking the introduction of the school’s very own currency system. Throughout the year, students have eagerly aimed to maintain exemplary behavior, all in the hopes of earning their very own Edison Buck.

But what exactly is an Edison Buck? These bucks serve as a form of currency within the Edison community, specifically designated for use at the school store during lunch hours, where they can be exchanged for snacks. Each Edison Buck carries a value equivalent to a $1 discount on store purchases

Receiving Edison Bucks is a straightforward and simple process. Moses Ojeda, the principal of Thomas A. Edison High School, elaborated on the steps involved in earning Edison Bucks.

Ojeda noted, “Some of the behaviors that will be rewarded include ‘Good merit, good character, teachers seeing you trying to improve.’ According to Ojeda, “It’s at the teacher’s discretion, but it’s important to reward students as a means to encourage positive behavior.”

The primary aim of introducing Edison Bucks is to encourage a stronger sense of community within Edison. By utilizing Edison Bucks, the goal is to encourage positive behavior across the school environment, within the community, and in academic pursuits. This initiative seeks to recognize and promote behaviors. Through Edison Bucks, students are encouraged to demonstrate qualities such as integrity, responsibility, and a commitment to improvement.

Many students eagerly anticipate receiving Edison Bucks and have been demonstrating their commitment throughout the school. Dania Hassouneh has received one Edison buck during the initial assembly in which the Edison Bucks were introduced 

“I received one (1) Edison Buck the first time they were introduced! “ exclaimed Hassouneh 

“I was told that I could use it in the school store, but I haven’t tried that yet. I wanted to see if I could collect them first”

Hassouneh aims to accumulate more Edison Bucks to eventually utilize them in the school store when the opportunity arises. She is one of the numerous students who are willing to show extra effort to earn an Edison Buck.

Other students have expressed concerns regarding whether their good behavior is not enough to earn an Edison Buck, or if the distribution process simply hasn’t occurred yet. Carissa Persaud, a current senior explained her feedback and initial excitement to the introduction of the Edison Bucks

“ It was an exciting prospect at first when it was introduced by Mr. Ojeda but it wasn’t followed up upon and most people have forgotten about it (including me). I wouldn’t say I would go out of my way to receive them but it is a good way to get students to actively engage in their work and receive Edison Bucks to be used for their benefit.” 

Persaud expressed her initial enthusiasm for the concept of earning Edison Bucks. However, as time passed, she observed that she wouldn’t actively seek out Edison Bucks. Nonetheless, she recognizes the overall positive impact they could have on the school community.

This raises the question of whether teachers have received Edison Bucks to distribute to their students.

Ojeda explained the process of earning a Edison Buck through a teacher at the moment. “Some teachers have come to me about certain events, like Ms. Petrucious, who wanted to award her honor society participants during an award show.” Ojeda stated that another teacher who has also received Edison Bucks. “ Loveras also has reached out to me to hand them out during a Key Club event.. and I also have a graphic design student working on some work for us for a banner on the gymnasium who will be receiving some edison bucks as a thank you” exclaimed Ojeda.

As Edison Bucks are in their initial stages, teachers currently need to approach Ojeda directly to receive them. However, this process is expected to evolve soon, with all teachers being provided with Edison Bucks within a few weeks.

“We’re in the process of figuring out what’s the best way to monitor the issuing of the bucks and how to claim them. So, hopefully within the next week or two, distribution to the teachers will soon begin.” explained Ojeda. “ The delay we have in distributing it to teachers is the fact that we have to develop a management system as to how we’re going to distribute, record the distribution, and the collection” stated Ojeda.

Overall the school community is eager to receive and use their Edison Bucks. Ojeda states that feedback and reactions from faculty members and students were all positive.

“Right away teachers were asking ‘How do we get it so that we can reward our students?’ and as far as faculty, the students have used it already. And it can only be used in the store, like we said, and you can cash them all in all at once or whenever you want to use it. But it’s only been positive reactions.” Ojeda explained.

In summary, the introduction of Edison Bucks at Thomas A. Edison High School has generated a mix of excitement and thoughtful consideration among students and faculty. While some students eagerly anticipate earning and using these rewards, others raise valid concerns about the distribution process and eligibility criteria. However, Principal Ojeda’s assurance of ongoing development in distribution systems and the positive feedback from both teachers and students indicate a promising future for Edison Bucks within the school community.

As Edison Bucks continue to evolve, it’s clear they serve as more than just a currency system; they act as catalysts for encouraging positive behavior, fostering community engagement, and nurturing a culture of recognition and reward within the school environment.

Ebelyn Suquilema Lema

Hey, my name is Ebelyn and I’m a senior at Thomas Edison High School. My shop is graphic design, and I love watching scary movies and making bracelets!