The SAT Has Arrived!

On Wednesday, March 27th, 2019, students in their junior year at Thomas Edison High School took the SAT. The exam began at 8:00 am and ended at 12:30 pm. This exam is one of the components that students will need for college applications in the 12th grade. Before taking the exam, the 11th graders were required to complete paperwork assigned to them by The College Board. From prior experience, students were given a packet to list any majors that interested them in the future, complete biographical information, and sign the student declaration stating they had no unlawful knowledge of the exam. Doing all this work was critical for administering the SAT. This allows students to have a sense of whatever they wish to do after they graduate from school.

What most juniors failed  to realize is the fact that the exam they took was free. The SAT school day promotes students to take the exam right in their own high school without having to travel elsewhere. With this, students may have just dismissed the fact they have so much convenience. The reality is that if one does not like their score then they may choose to retake it again. The process for reapplying for the SAT comes with a price.That decision requires a discussion with his or her guidance counselor for fee waivers, otherwise the college board will charge the student.

There is, however, at least one junior at Edison who believes they are not planning on doing all this work. Faran Sharif, a 11th grader said, “I heard that the SAT Exam is like an exam of a lifetime. If you get a bad score then you are going to go to a bad college. So if I got a low score then I may go to a local college after high school.”  

Sharif is confident in his score and has no desire to retake it.

Sharif said, “I’m not planning on retaking the exam. That’s why I’m confident I did good. I most likely got a score of 1400.”

Other eleventh grade students, like Sabbir Amin and Samuel Hernandez, also offered their comments about the exam.

Amin said, “Time management is something that I heard about.I felt confident with the math section I was nervous about the English part because it was too much reading and too many boring articles.

Amin understands that this exam does impact his college decisions.

Amin said, “To society this exam is everything. Determining where I go depends on whether or not if I get a low score. If I do then I’ll feel bad about myself.”

For the future, he will consider taking the exam again.

Amin said, “Right not I’m not going to retake it. I’m planning on taking it in the Summer so I have time to work on my time management.”

Samuel said, “For the most part most people told me it was super important and it may be super hard. When I started taking the exam, I was nervous about my timing. Eventually I started to pace myself. If I plan on retaking it, I know that the score I got is something that I can build off of. I am going to explore my options with superscoring.”

Hernandez will work on retaking the exam.

Hernandez said, “Yeah I feel like I could have prepared a little more. I’m planning on retaking it. I have to figure out what dates are available.”

Nicholas Suresh

My name is Nicholas Suresh. I write for the Features section of The Edison Light. I think reporting about unexpected things is what makes my section stand out from the others. In my spare time, both my brother and I study karate at the Jaribu System of Martial Arts.