The Edison Watch-Out

Students get off the hook due to inefficient school surveillance. Students who take part in improper behavior do not get charged for their misconduct because they don’t get caught on the surveillance cameras or they haven’t been caught in the act by an adult. However, other students get caught all the time whether it be for having their phones out or getting into an altercation. 


School surveillance is very important for school safety. In order to protect all students and staff members the school needs to monitor activities that are taking place around school. “School surveillance is super important because student safety is always the most important factor because you can’t learn if you are not safe,” said Mr. Omeokwe.

In order to do so our school must place cameras in public areas “…because they are a way of deterring bad behavior. They solve incidents that occur,” as Mr. Engelson stated.

Even though our cameras are supposed to keep and eye out for things that go around the school they may not catch everything that happens. Some places, like bathrooms and locker rooms, do not have surveillance because that would violate our privacy and because we don’t have cameras in these areas, it is a way for students to get away with their misconducts.

For the incidents that the students are caught doing, the school safety team has to punish these students based on a set of rules the Department of Education provided for them. They are ranks from something as small as using your phone during class to having a weapon in school. There are different actions that can be taken and as a school safety measure they need to make a rational decision of the situation being worthy to take to the principle to suspend student or should it just be a verbal warning. 

Although our school cameras may be faulty, Mr. Engelson stated that, “the school is updating its cameras” they are purchasing a lot of cameras to ensure the safety of students and staff members. As you look around the halls you may notice that there are blank spots on the walls where the old cameras used to be. 

Samia Hoque

Hi my name is Samia Hoque. I am interested in healthcare and want to have a career in it. I want to try something new like Journalism to explore different aspects of myself.