The Classroom Moments You Don’t Hear About

Students experience embarrassing classroom moments all the time, but what about teachers? Teachers go through their own nerve-wrecking times and a lot of the time we are unaware of them. As students, we don’t always hear stories from the other side of things.

Mr. Anderson explained a moment he had with his freshman class during the first week of this school year. He said he “was walking backwards while talking and there was a chair behind him”. He managed to trip over the chair and make a face that looked like he was “gonna die” while waving his arms in the air. The kids in his class immediately erupted into laughter. He said they laughed for about five minutes and they even woke up one kid who was sleeping and said to him, “Wait, you have to see this. Mr. Anderson can you fall again?”

Mr. Anderson explained that in the beginning of the year with the freshman that it is important to set a good first impression to show that you’re a tough teacher. However, it was the first week of class and he feels that since then they still don’t take him seriously. He hopes that by the end of the year he will recover and they will take him more seriously.

Mrs. Ferrari, told me about a time where she had written the wrong year on the whiteboard in her class and had a student point it out to her. When she went to erase it, her nails hit the board and the eraser fell from her hand and hit her right in the forehead before falling to the floor. She had tried to just laugh the moment off.

These are just two of the many stories all teachers have variations of. It may seem like teachers don’t make these mistakes all too often but they definitely have their moments and we can all relate to them, eventually laugh it off, and move on.

Kathy Parsaram

Hi, I’m a senior working on the opinion section. My passions include singing, poetry, and sailing. I chose to write for this section because I am a strongly opinionated individual. I enjoy expressing my beliefs in a respectful manner and greatly care about health, politics, and environmental issues. I believe that journalism has the power to give voices to those who are at times too small to be heard and it is my goal to shed light on these issues.