The Black Student Union Spirit Week!

As Edison continues to celebrate Black History Month. Black Student Union has made a contribution by hosting a Black Student Union Spirit Week. This week is important as it gives Edison students an opportunity to get involved in a month that holds significance as this month symbolizes the contributions that African American have made into America’s society. 

The BSU Spirit Week organized by Edison students seems to have the main goal of spreading and creating recognition of the importance of Black History Month. 

“It was something we did last year, so it was definitely something we were gonna do. This year we expanded like more events and tried to make it more interesting,” said Caleb Pierre, the Vice-President of BSU. 

Making sure BSU spirit week is organized to the best of BSU’s abilities, the members have prioritized the month before students were even thinking about the significance of February. 

“We started early, we met in the summer, planning all the way then and then we came back to it when it came to the point where it’s almost February and we saw the days from last year and we were like okay, let’s try and make them more organic and change them. Like culture day we already had that kind of theme, let’s make it something that people that are not just in Black Student Union want to be a part of,” said Pierre. 

Black History Month should be celebrated by all people. We should show our support by using this opportunity that BSU has offered and participate in these days. 

“The inspiration was mainly our ideas but also something that would trend with not only just people who are like black or in Black Student Union. We had HBCU day but then that would require someone to go to a store and buy a HBCU apparel so, we were like wear black owner business and you know kids wear Yeezys and they wear essentials those are black owned businesses that I know not only black people have so, it was kinda to help and incorporate other people,” said Pierre. 

BSU is managed by passionate Edison students that have prioritized having their peers acknowledge the importance of Black History Month. As students that are not a part of BSU, it’s important to show our spirit as these days take place. 

“They want them to just take part in the days that we have. There’s a day like wearing all black or colors of brown or wear a black owned business like yeezy or something. You know it’s like regular spirit week just getting people involved in the events we have. We want to get more events out, more people engaged, involved in just like the month,” said Pierre. 

Rehana Hotaky

Hi, my name is Rehana Hotaky. I write for the feature section for the Edison news. Some things you should know about me are that I am very passionate in what I write for. Doing the feature section is something that I enjoy very much as well as being able to share information to the Edison students. Besides writing, I have many other hobbies such as, crocheting, knitting, and I enjoy walking along with hanging out with friends. As we get more into the school I hope to share all the details of the latest news!