Teachers Tell Us All

    In all our years of high school there have been sticky incidents, smelly incidents, falling incidents, you name it there’s been an embarrassing moment for each of us, but believe it or not teachers in our high school have their moments too! Not only in the classroom but back when they were high school students just like we are right now. An embarrassing moment is something you really don’t want to look back at, and you definitely do not want to talk about it but sometimes it’s nice to just laugh about.

Your embarrassing moment may even teach you a thing or two, you never know. Going back on speaking about teachers, as hard as it may seem to picture your teacher doing something embarrassing, they have their moments too! Everyone does!

Caption: An embarrassing moment may not be something you want to remember, but sometimes you just need to talk about it! Photo Credit: Bhavna Roopchand

Caption: An embarrassing moment may not be something you want to remember, but sometimes you just need to talk about it!
Photo Credit: Bhavna Roopchand

“In 9th grade I was wearing my bell bottom flowered white and pink pants in the cafeteria, one of my teachers pulled me aside on the cafeteria line and asked me why was I wearing my pajamas to school and I never wore those pants again”, said Ms. Ferrari, teacher from the Science Department at Edison. As she opens up on how embarrassed she felt, there was a lesson behind it all as well!

“Now that I’m a teacher, you really have to watch how and what you say to these kids because this was now about 40 years and I still remember how I felt. So when kids say something like you’re ugly, I don’t like what you’re wearing, you’ve got a zit on your face or something like that… watch what you’re saying because words can hurt!” said Ms. Ferrari again on her embarrassing high school moment, continuing on to say how great things are going now. She said she went back and her teacher didn’t even remember!

Bell bottoms or not, at least she’s moved on and doing great!

Making a great point on watching what you say, whether you’re a teacher or not, words may hurt whether you mean them or not!

“ When I was in 11th or 12th grade, I had taken my brothers leftovers for lunch and apparently they had spoiled and I got sick, then threw up in the cafeteria in front about 500 students”, said Ms. Clark, teacher from the English Department at Edison.

As embarrassing as it may seem in the moment, we can all recover from our quirky times.

For one, laugh at it yourself! Think how this wasn’t all that bad and some people may even have it worse you never know. As much as you think everyone saw your fail, odds are they didn’t and you’re just making yourself anxious over nothing. Take it easy, don’t worry.

Take deep breaths! Don’t make a scene of it, if there’s already attention drawn to you, you’ll want these people to forget about it instantly! We’re all entitled to these messy moments, but the key is not to dwell on them!

Dwelling will only cause swelling!

Bhavna Roopchand

Hey! My name is Bhavna, and I write for the food section here at The Edison Light. Writing about food means somewhere you and your friends can go to enjoy each other’s company. Being a senior can get really hectic so having a chance to sit down and enjoy good food would definitely be a rewarding experience. One of my favorite sayings is, “You never know till you try!” considering this includes trying out new things. I love reading in my spare time and hope to have an entire room filled with books when I’m older. I also enjoy playing the piano and drawing. I’m also part of the medical assisting shop and look forward to becoming a dental hygienist or a neo-natal nurse one day!