Teachers Are Appreciated

During the week of May 6, schools across the United States celebrated  Teacher Appreciation Week. At Thomas Edison High School, Ms. Dellabonta, the coordinator of student activities, encouraged  students to visit room G33 to send a note expressing their thanks to a special teacher.

The history of National Teacher  Day is summed up on nationaldaycalendar.com. In 1944, leaders in politics and education began discussions for a day to honor teachers. National Teachers’ Day even got Eleanor Roosevelt’s attention. She persuaded the 81st Congress to proclaim the day. National Teacher Day was finally declared by Congress on March 7, 1980. The website further states, “The National Education Association continued to observe Teacher Day on the first Tuesday in March until 1985 when the National PTA established Teacher Appreciation Week as the first full week of May. The NEA Representative Assembly then voted to make the Tuesday of that week National Teacher Day.”

There are other ways to appreciate a teacher. Ms. Lavin, an English teacher at Edison, encouraged her students to write teacher appreciation letters in acknowledgement of the day. Lavin said, “I would not allow my students to write teacher appreciation letters to anyone in the building unless I felt it was important… just having the students remember that teachers are working very hard to do their job is something I strongly believe in.”


Dellabonta provided her input regarding teacher appreciation day. She said, “I definitely believe this. Teachers go above and beyond. They spend a lot of time providing students with classroom instruction and one or two life lessons along the way… this day is meant to show appreciation.”

Other students showed their appreciation towards their teachers. Albaro Romano, a junior, explained how he helps Mr. Delia during class. Romano said, “I helped my self-defense teacher fold up the mats after our intense workouts. I’ve also helped him organize our test sheets. Doing these tasks helps me stay on track with the class and keeps the teacher organized.”

Harsimran Singh, a senior, appreciates Ms. Ciccotelli. Singh said, “Having her as my English teacher has made me care about graduating. Ms. Ciccotelli is nice to me and she has explained to me how I can stay on track for graduation. I hope future students can appreciate her just as I have.”


Nicholas Suresh

My name is Nicholas Suresh. I write for the Features section of The Edison Light. I think reporting about unexpected things is what makes my section stand out from the others. In my spare time, both my brother and I study karate at the Jaribu System of Martial Arts.