Social Media’s Impact on Society 

The very first social media platform SixDegrees launched in 1997 and marked the beginning of the social media era. Soon after, in 2004 Mark Zuckerberg launched “Facebook” a closed social network exclusive to Harvard students, soon after many universities around the world started using Facebook, and eventually, it was open to the general public. In April of 2023, Facebook had approximately 2.3 billion users making it the most used active social media platform, Instagram had nearly 2 billion, Tik Tok had 834 million and Twitter had nearly 354 million users. 

We are aware of Social Media’s popularity, however, are we aware of the harmful and beneficial impacts it has on individuals and society as a whole? Social media has been proven to benefit those who manage businesses and promote products on social media, however, it has also negatively affected the mental health of its users. 

“Social media has had a negative toll on my mental health, constantly comparing myself to others, while others are taking cool pictures at the beach. I’m sitting on the couch watching them have fun,” said Edison student David Arias, when asked about his views on social media. 

According to an investigation completed by Lawrence Robinson and Melinda Smith, heavy social media use has a direct correlation to depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm as well as suicidal thoughts. Additionally, an article published by The National Center for Health Research suggests that 25% of teens confess to believing that social media is negative.  

Social media’s negative impacts aren’t limited to just the harm it does to mental health, the collection of data from apps can also invade the privacy of its users. TikTok had been involved in a controversy related to this over the past year. The government fears the spread of false information as well as the sharing of users’ data with countries that can use the data against us. 

“Im considering installing social media again for networking purposes as well as possibly promoting a business I could create in my senior year of high school, the ease of information being spread can facilitate business,” said David Arias. 

However, social media isn’t always so negative, there are positive aspects to it as well. Social media can further improve your connection with customers. This connection allows you to have meaningful conversations regarding your business including the feedback you receive,  therefore improving potential revenue and future clients. 

Social media is also a huge advantage when it comes to civil rights movements, a recent example being the overturning of Roe V. Wade in which Twitter saw seven million tweets the very same day the court case was overturned.  The same can be said about the Black Lives Matter movement and other protests regarding race, as explained by Brooke Auxier, a former research associate. She states that “In other cases, Black and Hispanic social media users both stood out from White users in using social media to look for information about rallies or protests happening in their area.”

“… I think it all depends on how exactly you use social media. There’s plenty of benefits to it and there are plenty of ways that it can harm you too,” said Arias. 

Social media can only be as beneficial or harmful as your use of it, if you use social media productively and safely then it can be of assistance, however spending mindless hours without a break which was frequent in the pandemic was the result of severe mental health issues. 

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