As we journey through High School, we will produce many memorable moments. Some of these which we will forever treasure, some of which will make us laugh or cry, and some of which will make us cringe in humiliation.

Many people have reacted differently to each embarrassing moment. Some laughed with everyone else and some felt ashamed. As you get older, they way you handle things change. You learn and grow more as an individual.

   “I was walking to the 65 bus stop after school. I was checking my phone for texts and I was replying to my brother. There was a small part of the sidewalk that was higher than the other. So I fell, and all my books fell out of my bag and my jeans ripped,” said Kanza Tahir.   

     At the time, she was only a freshman and felt very awkward. As if being a freshman was not complex enough, she had to deal with everyone staring at her. When asked about how she felt about the situation she said, “I was so embarrassed, I just wanted to speed walk away.”

    As a senior she responds to such situations differently. Kanza Tahir said, “I changed in the way I handle embarrassing moments because I learned to laugh at myself.” Laughing with everyone makes one feel less ashamed. A good way of taking the sting out of things is to laugh at ourselves. Having a sense of humor about things can make life a little easier.

    I asked another senior about moments she encountered that left her ashamed. Different people have different ways to tackle situations.

     “An old lady with a walker was trying to enter the doors so I decided to be a good person and hold open the doors for her. I was holding the door for like 30 seconds and I thought she had already entered the room. As I let go of the door to close, I had hit something that was in the way. I had allowed the door to hit the little old lady as she was still crawling her way through the doorway. I felt terrible and some of the people in the conference saw me accidentally close the door on the poor little woman, who turned out to have a high role within the organization,”said Mauria Singh.

    At this time, Mauria Singh was a junior. She had been trying so hard to make a good impression on those who are apart of the HOSA organization. It was one of her goals to one day be apart of their State team. She felt as if the door incident ruined one chance of making a good impression. Life happens and there will always be little bumps in the road, but it’s how we get over those bumps that help make us who we are. Learning to laugh at the embarrassing moments and to take things lightly helps. The world isn’t going to end because of one mistake.

Anuradha Surujdin

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