NYS SkillsUSA Competition

After participating in the NYC Regionals SkillsUSA Competition, the medalists alongside some other competing members of our SkillsUSA chapter at Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical High School traveled to Syracuse, New York from April 24 – April 27, 2019 to compete in the NYS SkillsUSA Competition.

Competitors competed in series of competitions ranging from leadership to their trade field. Competitors stayed longer hours after school, studied their course material and scopes in greater detail, and they even researched for the best possible material their scope required so that they could achieve the best possibility of winning. 

Being able to compete in the NYS SkillsUSA Competition alone takes a great deal of work and effort on the part of our 71 competitors. This year our chapter had the great opportunity to take the largest group ever to the NYS SkillsUSA Competition. Of the 71 competitors, 22 of them returned home with metals and 4 were awarded to our chapter.

Gold medals were awarded to Alicia Ramlall, Tatyana Shivnaraine, and Sarah Jahmahamad for Outstanding Chapter, Fardin Nasir and Bisakh Das for Web Design, Lenny Zavala for Technical Computer Applications, Analeah Collazo and Samuel Hernandez for Robotics and Abrar Imon for Related Technical Math.

Silver medals were awarded to Sadira Mohammed for Medical Terminology, Mastura Mahjabin for Health Occupations Portfolio, Sahejdeep Chohan, Karishma Boodram, Sofia Abadali and Carlton Abosi for Health Knowledge Bowl, and Shaquan Snaith for Collision Appraisal and Entrepreneurship.

Bronze Medals were awarded to Kemuel Mangru for Electrical Construction Wiring, Daniel Bhopaul for Architectural Drafting, Grace McNally for Photography and to Bryan Hanif, Keran Naraine and Dhaniram Somai for Chapter Display.

Four awards were won in the gold division by our chapter officer team, including the Presidential Service Award (2) and Chapter Excellence Program (2). 

Harmeet Minhas

Hello! My name is Harmeet Minhas and I write for the food section for The Edison Light. I chose to write for the food section due to food being something that can bring people together and play important roles in people’s cultures. I have been vegan for over six years and this gives me an excuse to try new restaurants that cater to those who partake in plant-based diets. Besides writing, my hobbies consist of dancing, cheerleading, and going to concerts!